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    High time? 2010 M100X with 6200 hrs

    I think the price is very reasonable, recent auction results show some with 6,000hr going for 22K
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    LX2610 Manual Says No Tire Fluid When Operating the Loader

    Every tractor with a loader that we setup has fluid in the rears, even 2610's. Becomes a safety concern for doing loader work with an un ballasted tractor...
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    L4701 I am an idiot how screwed am I ?

    Just because there is metal in the oil doesn't make in automatically Kubota's responsibility
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    BX bucket?

    Worth getting the cutting edge so all the wear and tear isn't wearing out your bucket
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    Daily Chuckle

    3 hunters go hunting. One is smart, one is average, one is stupid. The smart hunter goes out and comes back with a deer. "Where'd you get the deer?" the other two ask. "I saw the tracks, I followed the tracks, I found the deer, I shot the deer." Then, the average hunter goes out and comes...
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    long time looker, first time poster

    Off road and on road are the exact same thing other than the red dye which you can actually hear being applied as you are filling the tanker at the refinery rack. Is nothing but wasting money to run clear in your tractor!!
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    L3901 and L3301

    L3901 with 600 hours and L3301 with 500 hours. Both awesome and trouble free so far
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    Dealing with Dealer

    Not enough information here to be saying they are a good or bad dealer - things happen sometimes. Maybe Kubota provided them with a ship date but then Kubota was wrong on the ship date - ho knows
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    B3350 Regen Issues

    Unfortunately its a B3350 and may never regen properly no matter what you do. They put the same engine in some lawn mowers and they have all the same problems.
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    I just looked it up on KPAD and it was very easy to find the part number for it and it also has the group in the remarks section. (group 51)
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    Possible DEF shortages

    If a truck runs out of def it will derate down to 5mph and not let you continue - regardless if you fuel it with the engine running or not. also not ALL trucks in California have to have def - we run a pre emmissions 1995 freightliner in California with no problems
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    New MX5400.

    I had 800 trouble free hours on my MX5200 and loved it!! Until someone ran into something, wrecked the front axle, put a hole in the oil pan and kept going till the engine seized up - be the last time they borrow anything from me
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    Any Ford 9N experts here?

    I believe this to be either a '41 or '42. the '39's had a serial number starting in 1
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    5 ton excavator at high altitude (KX057 or U48)

    Looking good!! The 6-way with float is very versatile
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    Kubota Excavator kx033-4

    Personally not a fan of the U series and would much rather keep the KX033