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Hi Lance,

I saw your comment in a post from 2019 about having a bevel gear case that would fit a L185DT. I am trying to find two to fit a L245DT, and know that the two tractors take the same part (35220-43440). Do you still have one or two? I am in Northern California as well, up in Eureka. I know I can get them new, but it they are available used and in good shape, might as well give them new life in an old tractor. While I'm asking, any chance of the front wheels as well?

I figured it's worth a shot, in the event you still have the L245DT or parts.


my L 245 DT tractor has starting issues. starter klicks most of the time when trying to start. If I tap on starter or try it different times the starter works correctly. Purchased new "direct replacement " starter and it did the same thing just clicks. new starter is quite different no nose cone around bendex, acts like bendex is not long enough to engage in flywheel. Installed original starter back in tractor. Did notice a post about adding a relay to correct the problem. Can you send a diagram and what relay was used in this application ?
Thank you SO much for your help with my safety switch on the HTS speed pedals. Knowing what to look for makes all the difference! I battle vertigo from Menieres Disease so the less time I have to be under my tractor trying to figure out what is wrong the better. We just got more snow today so as soon as it melts I will give your suggestions a try and let you know how it worked out.
Thanks again,
Do you still have a bucket for a AL 402? And if so how much are you looking for? And if not how much did you let it go for? Just curious as I have been searching for one myself.

I lost $3500 on a land plane that was supposed to ship on 2/1/2024 that I ordered in August of 2023. I have all the supporting emails and original invoice.