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Sir, I would like to purchase a set of mats for My L2501. Let me know how to go about getting the ball rolling!! Thank you in advance!!!
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ok the b6200 with the washer beating the number one piston until it broke the washer in two pieces is getting deeper in the rabbit hole. now that the engine is out and inside to get ready for a new piston and rings for all three pistons now has a rear main bearing rubbing against the counter weight. do i take the pto coupler infront of block and the fan belt pulley the slide out the crank in the back of block . i believe it is the metal two piece gasket that keeps the thrust bearing in place . if i do pull the crank out will the timing gears get out of wack? that little block is a challenge to work on but beats seating traffic driving a semi-truck!
Hey LDowney, just ordering a MX6000 and after reading your comments about the air ride seat, will probably order one. $1000 is a bunch, but you seem pretty convinced its worth it. Do you still feel this way? Thanks, Bill Whorley, Rayle Ga.