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I have a Kubota L1-24DT.
The dimensions of the tires are front 7-16 and rear 11,2-24.
Can I replace those tires by 9,5-16 and 13,6-28 ?
What will be the consequences : speed, plough, ...

GF1800 the hydrostatic transmission is sticking both forward and reverse on the pedal once foot is removed and stays stuck until pedal is pressed in opposite direction. Any suggestions to troubleshoot?
I recently purchased a L35 kubota. When shifting into any gear it seems at times to not want to catch in the transmission. When it does it I have to push the shifter back and forth a couple times and it will catch but kinda hard. When shifting between 1-4 gears the shifter seems to don't line up directly with the numbers on the side and seems to catch before the numbers. Any suggestions? Also I replaced the front hydraulic lines going to the power steering under the battery. I still have a small leak but idk if it's just old debris that's covered in fluid that leaks when it warms up where the lines are sitting or if I have another leak some place?

Hydrostat and power steering started making abnormal sounds around 30hrs. I had this concern checked at the 50hr service and was informed the noise was normal. Now I have 80hrs on tractor the noise has gotton worse and the power steering will lock up when ever it wants to and i can not turn LEFT at all Im able to turn RIGHT with increased pump noise. Also noticing coolant consumption or lose some how. Dealers are not being helpful at all. If you know what the fix is please let me know i will replace the parts myself as the dealers are not willing are able to.
As far as the coolant tank, They tend to push some out of the overflow when hot. Once they stabilize which should be between the low and full mark it should not loose any more. Just watch it, and as long as some is above the low it is fine. The power steering issue is not normal. Make sure your hydraulic fluid levels are good.