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I'm trying to find where I can order hydraulic dust caps covers and plugs. Can someone out there help me?
amazon or summit
Tractor Supply normally has them in stock, also.
I would like to purchase a set of the tail lights that you have for sale for the L 4330 Kabota tractor please. I do not know how to go about doing this. I would certainly appreciate any help you could give me if you have any more for sale, thank you very much.
I own a 2014 RTV X1100CW that has been stalling randomly. I can keep it running by pumping the accelerator. It’s obviously a fuel supply issue so I changed out the fuel pump and fuel cut out switch. This didn’t solve the problem so my next move was to pinch off the 1/8” over flow line that runs from the fuel filter housing to the top of the fuel tank. It has solved the stalling problem for now. Does anyone know if there is a check valve in the fuel filter housing that may of failed? Next move is to replace the Filter housing?