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just stumbled upon your post and the glow plug relay issue. I have a 2010 Grand L3940 Kubota and have a devil of a time starting it in cold weather. You mentioned that you ran a jumper wire from the battery directly to the glow plug connector for 10 seconds. Can you be more specific. Do I simply run a single wire from the positive battery terminal to the connector and hold it there for ten seconds. Then try and start the tractor? Wasn't sure if I needed to have the key switch on while connecting the jumper, etc.. I thought a circuit would need a ground connection as well. Just trying to confirm is this is my problem before pulling the dash, etc.. I've already checked the obvious, fuel filter, battery charged, etc.. thanks.
Sent private message. Sorry for the delay in responding, but just noticed the inquiry.
I am interested in a set of winter covers for my LX3310 can you contact me how to order them
bird dogger
Sarky94, I started a "Conversation" with you. (Sent a message) Look for and select the "Envelope" icon in the top right corner of the OTT header bar. It should take you to the Conversation. Select it to open and read.. If that doesn't work....message me back here. Thanks for your interest!