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My offer to you is this as it has been to all others looking for WSM's.
Send me your email address

I will sent to your email address a Jumpshare link to download the B21 WSM.
Once you have it downloaded, if you agree it is as stated, you will agree to upgrade your forum membership to any of the paying ones.
These funds help keep the forum up for everyone's benefit. Nothing comes to me!!!
If you do not see the link in your email IN box check your JUNK folder.
If you are having tough times financially, tell me and I will make an exception

Hi, I was hoping you might still have the KX040-4 service manual and be able to send me a copy.
I'm fumbling thru this site like a blind hog.
give me a price on the headlight assembly, so I can come pick it up.....
Text sent
Please respond by text, I don't check here often
You responded to my post regarding L175 wheels. Not sure of how to contact you to discuss.
Hello. You can reach me at 209-712-4066.
I am in central california. Thank you
Lance Newhall