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Brad I am north of Benton Harbor 269-277-4922
Ok cool, I will call you, i do not have any parts, was going get it apart first.
Hi Brad
Take the blade of under the gear box, remove blade remove cover over the spindle, now your looking for a snap ring on the spindle the blade was on remove the snap ring. Now go to the top of the deck, remove the 4 bolts on the sides of the gear box, the gear box will pull straight up and out. If you have to prey go easy and slow.
My employer asked me to sell his 1971 L210 Kubota tractor. It is in mint condition with original tires and less than 100 hours. I created a one page flyer that I sent to Kubota dealers within a 50 mile radius of Williamstown, MA where the tractor is located. The flyer has a great photo but also lists my phone number. I found this forum through a google search and registered. Can you assist me?
There is a safety switch in the seat and yes when you get of the tractor will stop running. I have a g1900 but I fixed that problem, mine will run when I get of