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It's not on the tractor right now, but I can take some more pictures if you want. And/or put it on and take some pics. Let me know?

Where are you in PA? My wife is from Reading. Brother-in-law is still there (Birsdboro?).
Hi, I saw your write up from 2018 on the hydraulic block installation. It was awesome as I just picked up a B7610 and want to add a loader. Exactly what I was looking for. Do you by any chance have any pics of where the return line connects to the tractor? Apparently, it's under the seat.
On a separate note, it's great to talk to someone from Canada. I live in the US now but used to live in Georgetown Ontario and did a lot of work with Poultry farmers years back in the London/Grand Bend area and Port Stanley. thanks
Hi Vigo. On a boxblade thread, you mentioned getting the power toplink, and you referenced the hydraulic/electric combo toplink. I can see it in your pics. Can you tell me where you got that from? Thanks. rob
Got it off ebay. I never found them for sale for a reasonable price anywhere else except ali express and ive never personally dealt with that.
Ok, thanks so much for replying. It looks like I may be going the full hydraulic rear remote route after all.
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have a late 70’s Kubota L1500DT and whilst helping my neighbour managed to break the front left axle. Does anyone know where I could purchase one from. I’m located in Brisbane Australia.
Thanks in advance