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    LX2610 BORA 2" Wheel Spacer Install

    You can just shop by bolt pattern. There are YouTube videos showing you how to measure to get the answer if you don’t know how. Here is what I use on my BX23S RockTrix 2pcs 1.5 inch Hubcentric 5x4.5 Wheel Spacers (71.5mm bore, 1/2x20 Studs) Compatible with Jeep Cherokee XJ Grand Cherokee ZJ...
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    Cordless Grease Guns

    I am just a home gamer and order the dewalt grease gun when I order my Kubota. Also got the lock and lube. Maybe I am lazy, but I would not want to grease Kubota with out it. Plus it makes greasing the Atv, truck and etc easier. Plus it is true two hand gun, sometimes you need 3 or 4 hands with...
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    BX23S Rear rotary cutter/Brush hog - size recommendation

    I use a 5 foot brush hog on my bx23s. With that said it is a little big, but power wise I have no issues but also cleaning stuff that gets cut every few years. I do not use a top link and use it more like pull behind mower because it is to heavy.
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    New tractor with scratches

    I would not accept it. I don’t care what it is new is new. Also every time someone buys something like that the dealer gets away with selling that crap. My tractor cost more then the Car I drive and I didn’t accept my car pre scratched. Someone did just hit It with their door and took nice chip...
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    Mower Arms not Lowering

    I don’t have much to offer. I have the same issue every spring. I just lift my deck up and latch it on. Then rise and lower it a few times to free them up. The height control knob will lock them up also. Make sure it is set to the lowest sitting. Also you can pry down on them some while lowering.
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    Oil change timing? Grease?

    The manual should cover all of that. If you don***8217;t have one I would get one. I am guessing it is 200 hours for oil life. Most home users it is just once a year. Grease is often every 8 hours of use. Edit...
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    One year in with BX23s

    3 years old and 200+ hours on my bx23s. Biggest con loader is weak. Pro super easy to take on and off. Con deck is pain to get on and off Pro 60inch cut. Pro backhoe far more useful then I imaged and easy to take on and off. Pro I find the 23hp to cover a larger range of attachments...
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    3PH while mowing

    Pin them up some how, or what i do is adjust valve so the deck is the only thing that will lower.
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    I have the bx23s and my whole yard is hill. I Am sure I mow in areas out side of recommended degree of slope but find the BX pretty stable. I have the 60 inch deck and cut Quality is pretty good.
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    BX23S MMM intermittent issue lowering it

    I have the same problem every spring. Comes down about a inch and just stops. I just lube it and put the deck on and work it up and down a few times and that always frees it. I would like to find the true issue oh. Also happens if my deck is off for any period of time. I am guessing the linkage...
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    5 gallon plastic gas can modification

    RK sells racing cans for 10 bucks I think. I have 3, they are great. Edit guess they are 20.
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    AR Optics

    I am guessing we are kind of close. So you shot at ranges like I would. 1x6 is very nice on a AR. I am fan Primary arms, and vortex. I have a few ARs and my go to is The red dot style. Like a aimpoint t1.
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    Buying a used tractor with no maintenance records

    I keep zero maintenance records for anything, but service everything early. My brother on the other hand keeps track of every dollar gas, insurance, and etc but does not care for things like I do. So on paper his stuff looks better, but it is all perspective. I not a huge fan of used, if it...
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    3 Point Hitch Problem on a BX22

    Start simple check the fuild level. Also check the lever action for the 3 point.
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    Mower Deck Damage. Input Please!

    Time to buy a welder, and learn a new skill.