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    BT900 Backhoe FS in GA

    Just a heads up. I am not selling this but saw it on the local Craigslist and thought I would share. Kubota BT900 Backhoe Attachment - $3000 (Buford, GA)
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    BXpanded has a ripper!

    BXpanded has a ripper for the backhoe, who has one? Details.......
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    Ebay Alert! 96 B7100HST

    Not mine. Happened across it this morning. Hmmm, is it wrong to have a pair??? :confused::D:p
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    B7100 FWD Front Driveshaft Cover Boot

    With all the great threads on this site. I have had no need to chime in so far. Vic and Mr K and the rest of you.....Outstanding! Maybe I am missing something but on my old 1980 B7100 (which is more handy and fun than a barrel of monkeys) The front boot on the driveshaft cover for the FWD is...