Awesome dogs / Crazy pets Thread


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Jul 11, 2014
Cave Creek, AZ
Our new house coyote...

A rescue of an AZ Indian reservation, she was emaciated and almost a goner when they found her tiny self at eight weeks. That was two weeks ago. It still bugs me to pick her up because she is a bag of skin and bones but, she sure doesn't mind. She is getting along great with my monsters and my cats. Smart as heck and a family member for less than a day, and barely ten weeks old, she will go out on the driveway unleashed with the dogs and stay real close. She comes when you call her! Sweet as can be and only barks when playing. She's gonna be a great one.

We think she is part German Shepherd and part Lab.


Daren Todd

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May 18, 2014
Conway, Arkansas

My bride and my lil sis took a trip to Vegas so I'm dog sitting for the week.

Daddy dogs in charge. :D

They really are like our kids. Never been in a boarding house.
The one leaning up on me is my daughter's dog. And our shepherd's twin brother. We've had him for a month, and just went home a few minutes ago. I made sure he was spoiled rotten, and conditioned him for breakfast and potty at 5am :D:D:D Should give them a bed hog and a few early morning wake up calls :D:D:D