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  • The medical issues are that we have a 56 year old daughter that had a stroke back in November and had to have a section of her skull removed to relieve the pressure. That section is to be placed back on the 6th.

    My wife is scheduled for aortic heart valve replacement on the 15th, so my sawing activities will be limited for the next few weeks.

    Thanks for your prayers. Lynn
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    Wow, hope the missus and daughter both are on the mend soon. The one thing we miss the quickest when it goes away is health.
    Need a Non-Kubota opinion. We have a 2011 Merc. Mariner with the 2.5L engine and 80,000 miles. It starts, runs fine but the challenge is sometimes it is somewhat difficult to put into reverse. My wife thinks it has to do with the brakes because if she pumps the brakes a couple of times it has started. Or she turns the engine off, with her foot on the brake and it shifts. It is only doing this probable once every 20-25 times when going to reverse.

    I looked up TSB #47976 which says the converter pilot hub needs Morocraft multippurpose gease spray XL-5-A. Are you familiar with any problems like I describe? I'm thinking about taking the car to a good transmission shop (I know the owner) and have him go over any linkage that may be dry or binding.

    Any words of wisdom? Thanks. Len
    BTW, I have been rocking a 2002 F250 7.3 since new. I also get offers to buy it from every contractor that visits.
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