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  • Your buddy?? Dont tell me your lovely bride has been sick,, that would suck Or do you mean the hound,, that would suck too!
    Yes it has been a ride for sure but hopefully the summer will be all fun and games,, wouldnt that be nice for a change.
    Take care my friend, and who knows I might head the truck for the maritime's just to see whats there,,lol
    As always God bless
    Morning Brother,, just wanted to check up on you and to see if you didnt get buried under 10 feet of snow. Not much going here just moving forward each day and thanking God for letting me see another one.
    Hows you doing and your lovely bride, well I hope, staying warm and dry. It wont be long till it is time to go fishing, putting in the garden so the critters can have fresh veggies,,lol and cutting grass. I have a bunch of smallish ash that have died off and need to get them down I have a thing about mowing under dead falls. But thats a chore for a warmer time. Anyways I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Did the land deal go through, if you don't mind my asking
    Good afternoon my friend. Just wanted to check in on ya and the lovely bride. Hows things in the GWN, we got snow last night all of abut 1/2 inch, it's all gone now,,lol
    Not to much going on here, just trying to stay warm and sane, staying warm seems to be the easy part. Aw well the sun came up again this morning so it's all good.
    Anyways stay safe and warm, and we'll see ya when we see ya
    Ahh skeets my heart goes out to ya man. You take care my friend and remember I'm always here for ya brother.
    Morning brother.. she passed this morning at 0655 her kids were with her so that was good,,, Now to pick up the pieces and move forward
    Thanks for letting me call you friend
    Skeets I feel so bad for you both and I sure wish things were different. I'm more than proud to call you my friend and you're welcome to vent here any time. I know that helpless feeling only too well but her suffering will soon be over. Give her a hug for me and you look after yourself.
    Talk to you soon my friend
    My Brother ... Just a heads up if you don't mind. We took the wife by ambulance to the end of life home this afternoon. She was gasping for air even with the O 2 generator turned up all the way and was very disoriented And the meds we were giving were not doing what they were suppose to do. And now she is on O 2 and she has a morphine pump IV and lasicks (sp) catheter in and 2gm of morphine to help her breath.
    So I dont know where I go from here, it is not going to be pleasant Im sure.
    Anyway I thought I would let you know, as i consider you a good friend, and you dont mind if I vent
    Morning Brother, hope all is well in the GWN. Hows the homestead selling going, if I had the money trust me it wouldnt be on the market to long,, Hows Mom doing, hows YOU doing, hows your lovely bride?
    QUestions, questions, so many questions,,lol
    Have a grand day
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