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  • Wolfman, New to this forum. I have a 2010 B26 and love it. However, having an issue with the float position. Control stick locks into position as it should. Bucket drops to the ground as it should. When moving forward moderate to slow speed the bucket lifts the wheels off the ground. I have edge tamers on the bucket as well so the edge is not digging in. Is it a control valve problem, detent or something else? I had a Ford 1620 that floated perfectly at any forward speed. Would appreciate any suggestions. Need that float position to work. Thanks, Jeff
    Wolfman, I am sure you would know what year Kubota put the regen stuff on a 30-40 hp tractor. I own a 2009 B3200 and it has no real emissions on it. A friend of mine wants to buy a Kubota or a John Deere 35-45 hp tractor and I told him that I thought most later tractors had the regen stuff on them. Do you know when Kubota started the mandated regen on the larger tractors? I have been told that 25 hp and down didn't require the regen. Any advice is appreciated. Chris
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