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  • thank you very much for your reply. the chain had cut through the bottom of the case on the side gear box im suspecting it may be stretched and there are teeth broken off the lower sprocket I got the top one out no problem but the lower one and chain come out so far and then stop about where the chain tensioner is located im thinking i may need to remove the tensioner as well but im not sure how to do that . the replacement parts are over $200 im not even sure its worth it the tines are badly worn things I didnt notice when I bought in the dark . finding a used tiller around here is like finding needle in a haystack ! I would love to find just the side gear box for sale . thank you Brad
    Well I have been super busy and so has my green machine. I have been working a lot of O/T and then doing a 2nd hobby of mine of buying older used Apple computers and fixing them if they need it and then reselling them. I do not really know of anything that a good 100 hour gift for the tractor. Maybe making a light bar and putting on some after market driving lights. Just make sure they are low wattage.
    If you are going to ballast the tires I would ballast with Rimguard, its organic and made out of beet juice. It is expensive but it will not rust your rims if you get a leak. The 2nd option is to take a large plastic can (garbage or pail) that will fit inside the wheel, cut it down and put some 3/4 inch PVC evenly space in 3 spots and then go to the hardware store and buy a couple sacks of 80 pound concrete and pour it into the plastic pail. You then drill your wheels at the spots outside the lugs and you have instant weight.

    As far as painting the wheel;s I just never had to mine but the idea would be to go cheap and use a rattle can and paint away. Just look around this site for rattle can repaint.

    I never did a temp gauge on my L-1801 as I always checked and a themo-siphon engine has no place on it to put a temp sender or gauge on it.
    Sorry I had not replied sooner but I have crazy busy. My wife a Filipina and she has been running me around looking for used lap top computers. She buys a bunch and then ships them to her family in the Philippines. So far for this shipment we located a 2 year old Dell Latitude that we got for a song.

    Snow blowing season looks like it might be coming to a close for you soon (You can only pray) Ha Ha. I am glad that you finally got it all dialed in on the snow blowing, I think that the custom wheels you put on finally did the trick. The only thing I would do and this can wait is to PAINT THEM wheels.

    Not much other news from from here but it has been windy as heck here. I think the message from that March was to either come in like a lamb or lion was misread someplace it has been all lion all month here.
    Tractor doesn't struggle at all but the front get's light. I am planning for some extra front end weight to help that out. It is kind of funny how the boat on torsion axles makes the front pop up more but the same boat on spring axles is easier to maneuver. Strange how that works.
    Yeah the decompression lever is a god send in starting in cold weather and I always used the one on mine whenever I started the tractor cold. It just made the whole process a lot easier.

    As for the rototiller the max is 48" I would not bother going any larger as the larger it is the more likely damage will happen to the tractor. I would suggest that you look for a gray market dealer in either a YanMar or Kubota gray market tillers will work just like the cats meow. Just make sure that you get the dealer to give you a few extra tines for the price that you get it at.
    Well It is nice to hear from you again. Sorry that I diod not respond faster but I had family visiting from Iowa, the only time of the year that my younger brother takes time off is the winter as he is a farmer and it is the quiet time for him. It just looks a bit strange for he walks around here out side in shirt sleeves during the day as the temperature is around 50 degrees and is "warm" for him.

    Anything that works for tire chains is great and if it works for you it is all that counts. A hint on the decompression lever is what I used to do and that is to use a product call PBBlaster it is a spray that is available in parts stores and it works great also to free stuck bolts and nuts. A short spray with on the lever and then normal oiling will keep the lever free. IN the winter I used to use it once a month and I never had the lever stick again after I got mine freed up.
    My brother owns a farm in Iowa and I talked to him today and I asked the question that you had and he has a rear mounted blower on his small tractor (that is what he calls his John Deere) He has the same problem and says he uses 1000 RPM when he is low gear. He limits the amount time doing this and and only long enough to get a small area cleared where he can get a running start at the rest of his quarter mile long driveway. He did mention that has the skid shoes set so that he leaves 3/4 to inch of snow as he hates having to pick up the gravel in the spring. He said after he is done blowing he then brings out his big tractor and uses the rear blade to get the rest of the snow.

    The bad part is I could only get the 2 bags of the dog food as it was their last 2 bags or I would run on all of it that I could.
    I am sure that you will find the proper set up on the snow blower. I have never used a snow blower due to the climate here in Northwestern Washington we just do not get enough snow to justify the expense of one, we do get what I call slop snow and a blower is absolutely not going to work on it. I just use my rear blade and front end loader.
    I am waiting on getting a Country Line landscape rake as a local farm supply store is going out of business and I am waiting to see one get marked down as of right now they are $320 for the one that fits my tractor and I am waiting until next week to see if they lower the price some more.
    I did get 2 bags of 35 pound Dog food at 30% off and the stuff I feed my dogs is expensive normally $50.00 a bag so I did save some money for the furr babies.
    If the tractor is a 4 wheel drive you use 80/90 weight gear oil in the front axle. If it is a 2 wheel drive tractor it has bearings in the hub that have to be repacked every 2-3 years. I had a 2 wheel L-1801 and repacked the bearings every 2 years. All that was required was a cotter pin and a new rear seal. I simply took the old seal in to the dealer and had him match it and it worked fine.

    We all make the mistakes and that is part of learning our tractors and since it was not damaged you learned that gear oil does not work.
    I would not use 80/90 weight oil in the transmission as you have a front end loader and the oil is to thick to flow easily. The 80/90 is fine for your front axle but the transmission oil needs to thinner for the front end loader and the 3 point hitch to work properly. YOu can get the right oil at WalMart for a fairly cheaper price then using UDT and it is already properly rated for your tractor. You just have remember that you are living in a area that has extreme temperatures and the thinner oil is required for where you live.
    I think gravel in the winter will be almost as bad as pavement. But the screws are fairly cheap. If hard facing them is too big of a pain in the but, then just put in the screws and keep an eye and replace them as they get worn. These screws wouldn't work in normal tires, they are too long. But in the rice tires they shoud never pull out as long as they are centered in the tread. Hard face or not, I think it is a great idea. Just buy lots of screws so you don't run out. Here you can buy studs from the farm dealerships. No idea on price, but I can find out easy enough. Dusty
    I would think that the magnetic heater should do fine as long as the tractor is in a enclosed area. I would still pop the question over to Vic as he has more experience on the cold weather maintenance of tractors then I do down her in Western Washington. The coldest weather I had to start my L1801 was -5 Celsius after a heavy snow fall 3 years ago and what I did was glow plug the engine for a couple minutes then pulled out the decompression knob and got the engine to spin up until the oil light went out and then pushed in the knob and it still took a couple of cycles of glowing the engine and pulling out the decompression knob and it started and I let it sit and smoke out the garage, Have the door open when you do it.

    You should be getting the manual any day now....
    OK the owner's manual is from a L-185 and I did get it in the mail today. It went by the slow boat to China method and should be at your place in 5-7 days. This manual looks like a photo copy but this is what the dealer sold me 5-6 years ago. It at least hits on all the controls but some of the pictures are to say the least kind off sad. Some of translations are of some one with limited language skills in English and at times it makes you think of what they actually mean. To me the manual maybe something that a Japanese car company would use in its meanings from the late 1970's and that is the time frame when this manual was written.
    Vic gave a great idea on the muffler. I have been really busy with work but I am taking the day off today to run errands and I need to stop at the post office and mail a letter to my grand daughter who is in the Philippines. I will also mail the owner's manual I have to you today.
    That's about what I paid for mine. $166 U.S. for mine 5 years ago. I think that you can flip the exhaust under your tractor by turning the exhaust manifold over but the reason I never did was I was mowing a pasture on my property that would get really dried out in the summer and having the stack prevented the exhaust making contact with the grass and starting a fire.

    I am not sure about the exhaust manifold but the dealer should have the exhaust manifold for a North American model if you want to do that way. Check online for the muffler for your tractor it might be cheaper. If you do go with online be sure to get the exhaust pipe after the muffler.
    Your muffler is shot does not surprise me, so was mine and I just went to the dealer and had them sell me a after market muffler with a new upper pipe. If you think it is loud with a bad muffler putting on a straight pipe will make you get a new muffler as it is super loud without a muffler. The other part is the engine still requires some back pressure or you will really having it blow soot all over the place.
    At the most you can use a 5' box scraper but a 4' is the perfect size for the L1801. It does take some practice to getting really good with a box scraper. A 6' box scraper is just way to big and will having spin your tires in short order in my experience of using box scrapers. I got a 4' for my L1801 and it did a dandy job. You will be happiest with the 4 footer as it will overlap the rear tires by about a inch on each side.

    To use the box scraper you need to keep adjusting the upper link to tilt the scraper back slightly and if that ends up to aggressive a half turn of the upper link and then keep trying until it pulls the material you are moving to get the desired effect.
    I look forward to the manual, will make it my bed time reading.
    Thanks for advise on pto speed, will only use #1 from now on.
    Still haven't changed my head gasket. I'm confident I can get thru it myself but would prefer some help. My Dad is back early next week, he will help me out.
    I need to replace my front tires, old and skinny. I am also concerned that it won't handle well in the snow. I'd imagine I will find out soon as the temperature is dipping.
    I also plan on painting all the tins. I can remove them easy enough and my Uncle can paint them for a fart and a song.
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