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  • How's that blasphemous green machine of yours running?

    I've been busy repairing mine.
    Had to redo the cylinder head gasket. Replaced it last year but used a gasket sealant (mistake #1) then didn't torque the head bolts (#2). Buddy forgot his torque wrench and I never got around to torquing. That mistake cost me another $45.

    Just celebrated 100 hours with my tractor.
    What's a good 100 hour anniversary for a tractor?

    Planted almost 1500 trees this year.
    Yard should look awesome in about 4 years.
    Need to figure out a way to water them all without too much effort.

    Life is good Michael.
    I hope all is well with you.
    Would like to add weight to the tires somehow.
    Considered ballasting but I'm not dead set on a route just yet.

    I will paint the tires soon.
    Would like to do all the tins on the tractor as well.
    Buy a spray gun and try it myself.

    I bought a temperature gauge but not sure where to install.
    Did you add one?
    Found a 48". King Kutter tiller in the States for about $1700.
    Its a 4 hour drive, 8 round trip.
    Pay 6% tax at the US border, 12 points in Ontario.
    Still poking around for used but nothing is coming up.
    New in Winnipeg starts at $2100.

    I've got snow removal dialed in.
    The blower is a beauty.
    Tire chains are working great although I should add more rungs.
    Maybe I will toy around with the new welder this weekend.
    I'm thinking I will drive to the states to pick up a King Kutter.
    Prices are much better than here in Winnipeg.
    Not a pile of used tillers here in town, guys are holding on to them.
    I've got a can od WD40 kicking around.
    I will give the decompression lever a good spray and get it working again.
    Would be nice to have as my battery is too small for the winter.
    I've had to boost the tractor a pile of times this Winter.
    Battery will be fine for Spring/Summer.

    We're going to pant a pile of trees this Spring, means tilling/preparing almost an acre for planting.
    My wife gave me the ok to buy a tiller. Been looking on Kijiji but nothing is showing up.
    I used a 48 inch tiller this past Summer. Machine ran fine until the cylinder head gasket failed.
    Can I get away with a 60 inch tiller?

    Thanks for the advise Michael
    Its been a learning experience. I've got the hang of it now.
    I'm able to use the bucket to push the machine backwards when it gets stuck.
    Cleaned the driveway out real good over the weekend.

    I tried using the decompression lever.
    It got stuck pulling it out, jammed trying to put it in.
    I forced it back in and the valves stayed open.
    I removed the rocker valve cover for inspection.
    All looked fine so I replaced it.
    I repositioned the lever cable and compression was back, fired it up and all was well.
    I will oil the lever as I would like to be able to use the decomp lever.
    Been cold enough to warrant its use.

    Happy New Year Michael
    Thought I drop you a line, update you on the progress as of late.

    I bought tire chains off kijiji. $50. They came off a semi truck. They are referred to as dual ladder.
    1 set covers 2 tires.
    I removed the rungs from 1 side and moved them over to the other side.
    This gave me twice as many rungs on each set.

    I tried putting them on the rice tires, not a chance.
    They ride between the lugs of the tires rendering them useless.

    I bought a set of tires/rims from a wrecker, $50.
    I had fabricated 2 steel plates with a 4.2d inch center circle. This is what the axel rides on.
    My Dad sourced a biz to make the parts, $125.
    Yeah well that was each, cost me twice as much in the end.
    Parts were welded on to the new rim, drilled new holes in the proper pattern.
    Done deal.

    Added the chains and now I'm set for moving snow!
    I didn't think I was supposed to use anything other than 1st gear for the pto.
    Just want to make sure I am not going to damage anything.

    I had an absolute riot playing in the snow.
    Home made tire studs work great. No more getting stuck.

    Looking to install a blade either front or mid mount.
    Depends mainly on the size of the blade as it needs to fit and also lift up/down.

    Also looking to build a landscape rake.
    Steel bar (approx 6 feet wide) with a pile springs attached.
    Attach a device on the ass end to pick up all the scratchings.

    Good job on the dog food discount.
    Our budget is about $50/month
    Stock up is what I would do. It will all be used eventually.
    I use charcoal to bbq. I will buy 10 bags when they mark them down near $8/bag.

    Thanks for the note Michael
    Finally had the chance to use old faithful for moving moving snow.
    Definitley getting it figured out, a bit of a learning curve.
    I'm using the blower in 1st gear (on pto) and it's firing snow like crazy.
    When I'm in low reverse, pto in first I'm not getting enough rpm at the pto.
    Although I hesitate to use 2nd gear for the pto it is the only way to get the enough rpm to fire snow.
    I'm looking to install an rpm gauge on the pto, want to make sure I stay within working limits.
    I've installed a work light, need 2 more for the back end.
    Also looking to fabricate a mid mount plow. I will be a snow moving monster.
    Yeah I want to retract that question based of stupidity.
    I used gear oil in the tranny in my first 2 weeks own tractor ownership and had problems.
    Not sure why I thought it would be fine this time.
    I am several lites low in the transmission.
    What other than a leak would cause me to lose fluid?

    I am using gear oil in the rear axel.
    You mentioned rear oil in the front...is this only for 4wd models?

    Should I grease front bearings?
    Is the procedure similar to that on a car?
    Manual showed up, thanks very much.
    I plan on inverting the muffler, run it straight down. The fittings look like it will work alright.
    Managed to secure turf tires, will pick them up next week.
    Found tire chains on kijiji for $60.
    I may stud the rice tires to see how they work in the winter.
    Switch to the turfs if needed for winter, definitley switch come spring.
    Still haven't told my wife I'm spending $800 on tires.
    Thanks very much for the manual, I look forward to it.
    Up to this point all fluids have been changed.
    Fuel, air, and oil filter.
    Cleaned hydraulic suction filter.
    Greased 3 times in 30 hours.
    I should test the battery and charging system.
    It will be cold here and I want to be ready.
    I'm in the middle of insulating my garage. Once done I will refurbish my 50 inch mowing deck.
    Need to wash and wax both tractor and snow blower.
    Thanks again for the manual and advise.
    I am not able to accept your friend request via my black berry, I will have to log on at work.
    I am going to buy a standard automotive muffler instead of the Kubota. Find something with similar HP.
    Will advise.
    Aqua force routed his exhaust under his machine, looks pretty slick.
    I will contact the dealer.
    Thanks foe the advise.
    I will buy a 4 foot scraper as per your advise. My buddy works for Buhler and will be abe to get me a deal.
    Will be fixing my mower deck over the winter. Hoping to strip all the paint then redo with a rock guard, the kind of stuff they use on bed liners.
    Thanks for the help Michael, much appreciated.
    Changed the cylinder head gasket on Monday, job went smoothly.
    Changed the fuel filter and will be flushing the coolant this am.
    I bought a pack of grease zerks, will be replacing all of them.
    Think of it as a 3 month anniversary gift.
    I am looking to purchase a box scraper.
    Can my machine handle a 6 foot box scraper?
    Thanks Michael.
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