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  • Do you think I would need to hard face hex bolts for tire studs?
    I have a gravel driveway, won't see pavement anytime soom.
    Its hard pricing a job like that. I always walk away money ahead but nothing that is going to help get newer or better equipment. Thats why I am always buying old stuff and fixing it up. Jim
    Its a damn good thing I dont have any hair or else I would have. I got cranked up at about 10am and by 7pm I was rolling out. I'm not to happy with my time frame. I need a bigger tractor with a FEL to rock n roll.
    Hi Dusty, First, thanks again for the reply in your Snow Man thread. I did a search to find more info on the mount which you used on the front of your fel to mount your snow blade. I'm getting the idea now. Just have to find something I could use or modify. I do appreciate your help.
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