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  • Yes, it is kind of pointing to the ignition switch. That 2 functions fail is odd, but not impossible. My switch has a short jumper between 2 terminals, never figured exactly what that did because I traced the power for the glow-plugs and found the bad plug.

    If you could figure which terminal on the switch power is which function; then briefly jump them with a fairly heavy jumper you could test everything up to, and down stream of the ign. switch before replacing it.
    Find Battery + terminal on switch, jump that to glow-plug out...then jump it to starter active line (don't forget clutch switch). Get the picture? will everything work when you become the switch?
    Keep removing bolts, you will figure it out.
    Ask someone to post a parts/operator manual.

    What parts do you need?
    I didn't think a sprocket would be too expensive, I guess I'm wrong!

    Might be worth the $200 being that a used tiller is rare.
    I paid $1300 for a brand new King Kutter tiller.
    Worth every penny.

    Post some pics of the tiller, maybe it will jog someones memory and they will offer advise on how to.
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