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  • Well I have been spread out and just ... well I guess A.W.O.L. LOL I don't get notices about posts here so I get busy and forget.
    Don't remember visiting ... but their's a lot of things these day's I don't remember these days (67 YO). I only have an old L-1500, that I'm very slowly working on. I live in Mexico 1,000 + miles south of San Diego, so parts are really non-exhistant. Make a run to VA in San Diego every few months and then have to drive 250 miles to Bakersfield to get to TSC. We are entering our prime hurricane season till mid-October.
    I don't blame her for wanting to play with the squirrel, but people think I'm a little off for saving the skins.

    Beware of the Squirrel Militia, I believe they are organizing :eek:
    I did!!! My little daughter wanted to play with one after I shot it. I was humoured by her curiosity.
    Your varmit pic looks like he would shoot back. :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Your boat is a beast.
    Does the tractor ever struggle moving that much weight?
    I like the way you routed the exhaust, will explore that.
    My Formula 242SS had a 454 but mated with an Alpha since it was an 87. The Bravo didn't come out till 88. To mount a Bravo is easy to just follow the mount plate and drill two holes. Then a fluid reservoir for drive fluid and the raw water pump assembly on the engine. WOT hole shot would twist the shaft in the drive so I will not get crazy with it but it will run WOT for full speed as long as it stays cool. The drive shower is critical!!! My old Alpha had so many problems with it that I gave up on a fix and since replacing it was the only resort I pretty much had there was no way I was going to put another Alpha behind this BBC. Oh yea as far as the impeller on a Bravo system it depends on how easy one can reach the bottom of the engine. The pump is mounted lower than the water line in an effort to flood the impeller. My LS is much easier than the SS due to the bilge design.
    That's impressive you converted and alpha to a bravo! The bravo's are for the big boys :) Can the bravo really handle that much hp that you are sending through it? Man that is a lot at 630!!!!
    It is a bummer having to drop the lower unit to change the impeller but that's life. Is the bravo version on the engine side easier to change?
    As you guessed, the old man had done one of two things, probably both. One is never aligned the engine and the other is crank the engine with the stern drive in the full retracted position for towing. There is not a cut out for it and as you know the universal joint will lock up but the engine will still turn over.
    I did buy an alignment tool from this site. I also got a new stern drive from SEI. No way can I afford a new mercury and rebuilds never last. Here is a useful link for manuals if you need.
    WOW! You are getting some really good hands on experience. Like me, problems from the git-go. That is great though. Like you said, if one can do it just do it yourself. Marine is different but not impossible or rocket science; small learning curve. Have you adjusted your engine/drive alignment? That is what takes out couplers. Do you have a Merc Alpha drive? Most any drive will need the impellers replaced every 3 or 4 years depending on the water that runs through it.
    I bought my Formula's broke and have been building more power on one and converted the drive from an Alpha to Bravo on the other. I do all my own work and learning a lot. Hoping to dyno my stroker build-up in a couple of months. We're looking for 630HP on the dyno. Even these Bravo's, that have the raw water pump up on the engine instead of in the drive, need a new impeller every couple of years.
    I picked up this one about six years ago from an old man that could no longer launch and recover. It was all getting too much for him. He told me he was the second owner and that his buddy that did the maintenance was the first owner.
    He told me it never let him down and he could always count on it.

    Well, I guess I wasn't so lucky. The first few years I had to get towed back several times. The first year the water pump in the stern drive went out and I didn't notice because I was just getting on plane and avoiding other traffic. Stuff got real bad real fast. The exhaust risers overheated and melted the rubber connecting boots and the sift cable. The next year RPM's go up but no prop action. The splines on the coupler that the drive shaft of the stern drive goes in were stripped out. At least I know my boat real well now because I'm doing all the work. Why pay somebody for something you are perfectly capable of doing your self :)
    Don't be embarassed on the water. It is great just to be there. I'm glad you can appreciate a good time on the water.
    Yea, I know how it is when the boat has to labor to get on plane. My first boat would easily get overloaded and I had to assign seats too. We had a blast on it but it was a bowrider so the wind either made your day or froze you to death. I like riding out of the wind. This isn't a serious speed boat because the hull is 24° deadrise monohull which carves a pretty deep trough in the water but it rides like it is on rails. Smooth and strong. If I had some steps and pads this thing would fly but that is not my focus right now.
    You are right, a 502 would pull a 22 foot boot like a rocket. But I am an idiot, I don't have a 502 I have a 5.0. I must have been tired when I typed that, sorry for the confusion. I'll have to get back to you on the gear ratio, that I don't remember. I have some pictures of the boat on one of my external hard drives, I'll find them. I could go outside and take a picture but I don't want to take the cover off :)

    I have always liked the cuddies because there is a place to sleep and hide when the weather turns nasty. My buddy has a open bow, I hate it. When ever I go out in his boat I freeze my ass off and there is no where to get shelter.
    What drive and gear ratio does your boat have. I would think that a 502 in a 22 foot boat would climb up out of the water pretty good. I like cuddies. Both my Formula's are cuddies. More than speed I like a stable ride so the big power gives me control over the water on bad days while everyone else suffers in the slop.
    Dang, you are a speed freak! I've seen boats like yours go by me on the river. It's real embarrassing. I have a 1988 22 foot cuddy with a GMC 502 stern drive. It does pretty good but sometimes I can't have all the big people in the back or else I can't get on plain. It gets kinda awkward when the heavies get in and I start assigning seats :)
    Thanks traildust. I should have it back together this year if I don't take a different route. What I really want to do is build a 542cid 825HP stroker for it. After I sell my 242SS Formula I will know what to do. I also got interested in a 312 Fastec Formula with twins. They call my disease twofootitis LOL just keep moving up in boat size two foot at a time. LOL
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