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    The dirtiest post I've ever made on OTT

    there is an old technology called dew ponds. ur going to use a pond liner so by putting down some insulating material first and then the liner . this makes it self filling,
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    L245 Oil Pressure Light

    I have hood mounted gauges and the idiot oil light and pressure gauge on my b7100. I have 50 lbs pressure.
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    Diesel Additive

    Re: Diesel Addative some of the diesel additives act like gas line antifreeze. it lets the gelled fuel flow in cold temps and holds the water or I should say moisture in the fuel to flow through the filter. for engines that run on a daily basis no problem. hobby farm tractors that sits idle...
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    front end scoop FES

    this is working awesome. about 10 lb pull on rope to dump. the latch is plenty strong as I have about 200 loads of lifting and breaking roots. the best part of this is IT,S IN FRONT. much easier on my neck.
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    Oil pressure Gauge install B7100

    volt meter, oil pressure and water temp. all electric.
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    Oil pressure Gauge install B7100

    Re: Oil pressure install B7100 on aircraft , the fitting on the engine that the oil pressure line hooks up to is plugged and has a little tiny hole about .060 IIRC. I used to solder the fitting shut and drill a .040 hole.
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    Logging winch

    have u checked the auto wreckers for the pto winch of ole 4x4 or the old army trucks had pto winches too.
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    PTO powered Capstan

    get a log cone or make one.
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    PTO powered Capstan

    do a google search for log arch. can be made from scrap and made for atv,s as well.
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    kubota magnum chains

    this is the snowbanks when u plow in 6th gear. my blade is 33 in tall and next snowfall these banks will be 7 ft tall. image hosting gif
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    kubota magnum chains

    my bota tires are 8-16. neighbor gave me the chains and they were for a 3/4 ton pickup. I have a 80 yd long X 25 yd wide patch besides the house and the first passes I use 5th gear and the windrows spill overs I use 6th gear.
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    kubota magnum chains

    yes I have and I think it would work on straight chevron thread. my other bota had no problem with traction, straight chevron thread with screw in studs. these tires, no. I have screwed them out and might use them on my quad. click image upload
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    kubota magnum chains

    3/4 ton pickup chains , added cross links , 1/4 in x 4 in FB x 6 in long. now I have traction. the straight chevron thread is much better than this dog leg chevron. upload a picture
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    Can you straighten a bent FEL bucket?

    if it bent that easy, a 20 lb sledge hammer would do the trick.
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    Made me a Front Snow Plow

    thanks for the praise old English. yes hydraulics would be nicer but lot more expensive and heavyer. I had the winch and I get a foot of lift on the blade. I guesstimate the the mounting is plenty strong enough. we shall soon see. I changed oil in the steering box yesterday as I noticed a rust...