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    Best rope for bringing trees down

    3/4 Samson Stable Braid Bull rope for me. Have been using Samson ropes for years. My cousin has a tree service he won’t use anything else.
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    BX23S Hydraulic thumb on backhoe

    Paul & Kathy Short have a few vids on YouTube where he added it, pretty much the same as Kubit did. Used his third function from his loader to run it. That was how I was planning on doing it if I ever get my BXPanded thumb. Been watching for the delivery email for a couple weeks now. It will be...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Used my new BX23S to dig up 7 trees 10-15” at the base. New garage/workshop on the way!! The biggest Cherry gave it a workout. Then used the L3800 to skid them to where I’ll cut them up for firewood.
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    Who has R14 tires?

    A shiny new BX23S was just delivered today and it came with filled r14 tires from the dealer. I also have a BX2380 with non filled r4 tires. After using it all afternoon I will probably be switching the r14’s to r4’s. I realize the two tractors are going to handle differently given the BH on the...
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    Put a tree limb through my grill (brand new L2501)

    I feel your pain. Limb just smashed out the headlight housing on my L3800 Thursday while moving some debris from a storm that rolled through. Should have thought about this sooner. I have probably only ever turned on the headlights 2 or 3 times since I have owed it but it still kinda hurts to...
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    OMNI vs Heavy Hitch

    I purchased this one from GenY I have an older model that does not have the additional receivers under the corners. So far it has been a beast. Pulling trailers and skidding logs. Though I don't think is is set to...
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    Titan pallet forks

    I have a set that i have been using with my L3800 for about 2 years now. They are about to be retired as I am getting an actual set of forks next week. The stabilizer broke the first time I had them on the tractor. The large screws that hold them to the bucket have bent the bucket up pretty bad...
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    L2228 Quick attach question.

    I have been looking for a quick attach for my L3800 with the La524 loader. My local dealer isn't all that helpful if you aren't buying a new tractor. Does anyone know if an L2228 quick attach fit this loader?
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    Trailer for L3800

    This is the trailer I got. I have been much happier with it than the equipment trailer I had prior. Haven't had a problem getting all my implements along with the L3800 on it. In my experience the ramps make a trailer. Make sure they have properly designed legs to keep the back of the trailer...
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    Clamp on pallet forks

    I have a set of the Titans but plan to get a set of real forks once I get a quick attach adapter for the FEL. I don't particularly like them. Where they attach to the bucket the little stay pins on the underside of the clamps have bent my bucket all up. Also, I have found with mine no matter how...
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    Will this work - disc harrow question

    For covering the seeds we have had good luck with just a regular piece of chain link fence with a little weight from a 6x6 or something similar on the tail. Cheap and easy.
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    Pat's Quick Attach Question

    I was looking at getting a set of the Pat's Quick attach adapters. Has any one received a set lately? I saw a set at the local farm store but they were welded not cast like the pictures show. Also many of the online listings show both the cast and the welded for the same item. Do the still make...
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    Grade 2 VS Grade 5 Shear Bolts- Kubota Says Either is Good.

    I use grade 5 in my post hole digger. If I used grade 2 I would go through multiple bolts per hole. In my soil the grade 5 bolts will last me at most 3-4 holes and that is with babying the auger so it doesn't get stuck in the ground and cause me to have to unscrew it from the ground manually. My...
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    3pt Landscape Rake

    Thanks for the input. I like the idea of the cultivator. Wolfman where did you get the teeth from? For the price of the rake at the dealer I am not opposed to building something myself. I'll give craigslist a try for a ready made one also.
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    3pt Landscape Rake

    I just cleared about 3/4 of an acre of overgrown bushes and trees from the side of my property with the bush hog and a mini x. I now have a mess to clean up. There are lots of roots and little stumps all over among the ground up tree pieces and trash. I was thinking about getting on of the 3 pt...