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    Rear blade

    If you are using the same size blades front and back, I am not sure it is going to gain you any thing in the number of passes you make because both blades will be clearing the same path. If you angle your blades too much they will push the front and rear of the tractor off to one side. You will...
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    Which size grader blade for B8200?

    Yup go with a 5 ft. 6ft is just a little too big. :D dusty
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    Trailer Hitch Question- B7100

    I'm with DsBota on this one. No down pressure on the tph arms. Some body jumps on the back of the trailer and the back of the trailer goes down and the front comes up. :D dusty
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    Rear blade

    Hey skeets I think the shorter the top link is the less the rear blade will dig in. Eric I think he has a front blade on his tractor and wants to use the rear blade at the same time. And hey hi guys. Dusty:D
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    A tale of woe from an ebay purchase, so buyers beware!!

    Real nice job Rob. :D:cool: Dusty
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    A different Mr. Kubota

    I think it is horrible that we had these camps in Canada and the USA, but I wasn't there so I guess I would not understand:confused:. This was a great link, immigrants built both of our countries.:D Dusty
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    Iiimmmm bbbaaaccckkkk!!!!

    Glad to see you are back Eric.:D Dusty
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    Plenty of seat time

    Hey Paul. A removable extention for the bucket, Great idea. Thanks. I loved the video by the way.:cool: Dusty
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    What could cause an F2100 to start eating clutch disks?

    This is quite a project you have on the go. I am green with envy. Please keep us posted with lots of pics.:cool::D Dusty
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    Lazy mans snow chute turner

    Ya I couldn't remember what they were called. I pulled one out of an old zero turn. It was used to raise and lower the deck. Works great. I had previously used an automatic brake pedal adjuster out of some thing, but it was awkward and slow. I installed the power window motor for turning the...
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    Lazy mans snow chute turner

    That electric cylinder for the tilt is what I was after. I used a power window motor for the turner as well. Gotta love this site. Thanks guys.:cool: Dusty
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    L1801 Custom Tires

    Hey Meanjean. Cool fix. It cost you some money but if it works then it is worth it.:D Dusty
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    OH NO...It didn't!!!!

    These guys have a b7100 parts machine.,-WI-Black-Creek-WI/92999baf-3c4d-4286-b088-fbde4c0ccc06.aspx .Give it a try:D Dusty
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    Found a B6100d in the woods

    You came to the right place. Lots of good Orange people with lots of good Orange know how to share. Keep us posted as to what you do with your little orange beastie. Pics are always appreciated. What a great find.:cool: Dusty
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    It' Back!

    We haven't had a real storm yet this winter. Biggest fall yet was only 8 inches. I really miss them. I am going to have to move south so I can find some snow to play in. Have fun JB.:D Dusty