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Apr 2, 2015
Downeast Maine
Some years back, my wife had a thyroid-related episode that resulted in her becoming allergic to a number of things, including pet hair/dander. As a result a lifetime of having dogs came to a screeching halt.

A while after that, my youngest daughter bought an Akita puppy (pictures of it - them, now - are in the Awesome Dogs thread). When I went with her to check it out, I met a young female Akita that glued herself to my leg the moment I came through the door. Long story short, I bought the dog and it lived with my daughter.

Part of the arrangement was that I would give her money every month to cover food and vet bills and such. We referred to it as "child support".

She worked in a grocery store at the time and I stopped in one day to give her the monthly allotment. She was working the Customer Service counter that day and I handed her an envelope and said "Here's your child support, you can call off the lawyers now!"

A random lady customer nearby - I'd guess her age at around 40 - gave me a look that could have struck me dead. Daughter saw it too and after the lady moved on mumbling to herself, my daughter and I and her co-worker laughed until the tears ran down our cheeks...
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