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  • I don't use this forum much so don't know how to tell you that I fixed my LA181 bucket problem this morning. Thank you for reaching out to me. It was a very tiny cotter pin that had broken and the joystick clamp fell off the lever to the bucket that allowed me to curl and uncurl. I am so excited that I am boing out to work with my tractor today. Yeah!!!!
    Hey cat did we or did we not have a listing of where people are from? I was thinking of a meet and greet maybe and was wondering who was from around SW Pa
    I could be interested in possible trades for the b7100 here in st. Louis. slide in camper,toyota mini motor home, 50's-60's chevy projects,rokon cycle, high end metal detector,etc
    Hello. I do not have anything for your tractor. It's a little new for me. Most of what I have is older L series. L225 ,L245,L275, L345,L2350 L295 etc. some B series. Do you have a D 2 . That was a popular tractor around here in the vineyards for many years. I still work on a few , but getting fewer all the time. Just to costly to keep going. If so what series. If you need any parts you can email me at lancenewhall@gmail.com. Thank you Lance
    Thought it was unusual. Thanks for the comments. Some people have everything figured out. Its odd you never see a bunch of threads by Apple users because their upgrades made their machines crash. :) But WTH do I know! Take care buddy!
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