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  • I'm not doing too bad, just been very busy with work. Though that is a good thing but I'm finding almost no time for "me" time. Hope all is going well with you and that you were able to get the boat out a few times during the summer. I wasn't so lucky, mines still in winter mode and never go to take her out....bummer indeed!
    Welcome back brother! It's been a while. Hope all is well on your end. Finally got back into truckin about a month or so ago, after being out of work for a year. Damn does it feel good to be working again!!!
    WOW! Mr. K deleted a message that somebody left for me? Dang, it must have been REALLY bad.

    Thanks Mr. K for keeping it clean :)
    Hi Scott, I was sooo busy. I couldn't get on much stuff since my wife went to Korea. Well she's been back while ago but I was in work swamp.
    but now I'm almost free man again... ha ha ha.
    I think that dude coulda stayed on there as long as he wanted. That chick aint got the energy to open a twinky!
    Got you bro! I'm on your other thread now and if I call at this time of night my wife will bitch at me that I keep talking to loud and asking me how much longer I'm gonna be on the phone. Oh, marriage is bliss...HA!
    dude go read my post in the service and repair area youll see more in detail what my problem is, or call me you got mu number
    Traildust I appreciaate your kind words you left on my site. It makes me feel good knowing I can somehow help you or anyone just a little makes the whole day good. handy
    Uh, I even think your monkeye's are cute.

    We're still talking about your puppies RIGHT...
    BTW, my wife is TOTALLY in love with your monkeys.

    Why does that sound perverted when I read it ;)
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