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  • Hey, Scott~! How are you? I totally forgot about this site~ ;P
    I started Motorcycle stuff early this summer and was darn busy for it. Bought about 4 or 5 bikes and repair and sold and so on. and now I have 2008 motorcycle and going to keep it for a few years... ;P I haven't used Kubota much either. Well~ soon I have to start to use a lot when it snows here again... ha ha ha...

    So, How have you been? Been busy I bet?
    Wait for 2 more weeks~! I have to wait till my wife comes home then I'll be on my way~!!! ;) It is soooo hard to live without wife. I should have one more spare one too... ;) I'm eating only once a day~ and working all day. ;( So don't have much time on the computer either... Sorry. Joe.
    ...Hey~, you told me two cups of coffee~:cool:

    I see your memory is better than I thought :rolleyes:
    I better be careful since I don't want a kung fu kick to the nuts :eek:
    Thanks Joe, that's very nice of you! Thank you for saying that.
    By the way, I've singled you out as one of those nice guys too!
    Is it me or is this the only forum I have ever come across that actually makes people feel welcome?
    That was very, very nice of you. I knew you are nice guy. Even your etiquette of all those words in post proves. Thank you.
    Hi Joe!
    The little pups showed up a month ago, well there's a story here. For several years there has been this loner wild dog that will run my fience line. Girl dog with nips almost dragg'n on the ground. Last month after a light snow and drencher of a rain I was out working the dirt road on the tractor. The ole dog was trott'n beside me and I noticed she had six very tiny pups trying to keep up with her! We have a HUGE population of coyotes out here and they are everywhere. These pups didn't stand a chance. So I put them up in my barn for the night. The two in the pic would not leave my side, just kept crying to come to me. Well the others have been sent to some very good homes that love dogs and the Monkeys will live with me.
    The ole dog didn't mind when I grabbed up the pups. My wife even thinks she was out running them trying to get them to go on there own.
    Hey~ How are you? I haven't seen you in the forum much recently~ Unfortunately we haven't got enough snow here YET~! ;) I don't mind to test this machine but~ ha ha ha. How about you? got snow yet? Did you do any more work on your tractor?
    Thank you for the message. Have a good day. Joe.
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