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  • hello Handyman
    I need to do something with my rims to,maybe you can send me your information too? I have a B7200 HST and 3 holes on the frontrim are moore open as it must be.
    here is my e-mailadress pitstopwafi@yahoo.com

    thanks a lot

    Thanx. this reminds me that I have to put some more photos on that page. I added some hydraulic and built tools for the traktor.
    Wish you a nice Christmas and no stess with its preparation... :)
    Hey old timer, you still kicking and screaming over there? Haven't seen ya on OTT much. Just checking in and seeing how ya be.
    I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me.
    As I have mentioned before, you are the kindest, nicest person I have met. You offer help and assistance with nothing expected in return but a thank you.
    The hours I work I am unable to attend any sort of college coarse for welding. Books and video on line are nothing compared to the experience you have and that you are so kind enough to share.

    I thank you and you have all my respect.

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