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  • Well Eric I cant dig it so I pulled it back like you said, a little at a time at 3 different spots trying to keep the pull constant on all 3 places. I tied up a 3 point and the live end of the line is in the center and the top and lower ones are tied to the live end of the line, and all 3 are drawn back when you pull the center one.
    So far it is moving to the up right a wee bit at a time I figure if I leave it as far as I can to the up right say over the rest of the summer and fall and after ever thing gets cold in the winter I could take the line off and it should be upright,, maybe I hope kinda,,lol so for right now that's where we are I hope it works cause I would have to see this peach tree crash, for a young one it is producing a ton of peaches.
    Thanks much Bud
    Hey Eric,,, your in the landscaping and lawn stuff,, I have a question for you. I have a young peach tree 3 maybe 4 years old that has taken a lean down hill,, So I want to pull it back to an up right position with out killing the poor thing,, And I don't just want to tie it off and pull it up right cause it already has a bent in the trunk and I don't want to brake it. You got any ideas that might work,, I was thinking my be digging a hole on the up hill side, trying to avoid as many roots as possible and maybe pulling over a couple of weeks it to a semi up right position. I was going to just cut it off but the OL loves the little white peaches it get. So my brother any ideas????
    I'm doing fine. Well, I'm still kicking. Thought I'd drop in and see how y'all are doing. I see allot of new names in here, and some old ones.
    'sup chicken butt? Work sucks and so do you...ha ha, I couldn't resist :)

    Here is just one of the things that's been keeping me busy the last couple of months....
    Eric. Tell me at least one of the messages I sent you about that ford got through. To hell with it I will do it here. Computer should not be expensive. Get V.I.N. call napa ford and scrappers. If it is auto make sure is 3 spd not 4 spd. If wiring is messed with a whole lot in engine compartment then walk away. Plug new comp in before you buy the truck.:D Jim
    You are too fast for me I can't keep up Eric. I think I woulda pulled my fuckin hair out doin that job.
    Great game plan. They think you are so wonderful and like the flick, but you're getting trashed and could care less. The pay off for sitting through it, all though painfull, can be worth it ten fold :)
    Yeah that was the other secret weapon I forgot to mention. Good thing is after getting hammered with alcohol it makes what happens later on in the evening more entertaining in the bed.
    See here's my thing. I watch the chick flicks just to keep mama happy. I just dont pay any attention to that shit and try not to remember any of it!
    Thats what guys do in the movies when they fall for a pretty girl, get all crazy and shit. Start watch'n the chick flicks and all that other horrible stuff
    Are you out walking the streets kissing babies and watching chick flicks late into the night?
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