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    Bucket chain hooks?

    I welded 3 of the 3/8" chain hooks, (these will grab and hold 5/16 chain also) the top of my bucket was already reinforced. I got the weld on hooks with bevel already in place, then painted it with genuine Kubota touch up oain. I kept my outer hooks right in line with the curl ram to keep flex...
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    Power Angle Rake Mod

    A mans got to have a welder, then add in plasma cutter, oxy/acet set up...(y)
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    New Toy...Oh I mean Tool

    I like the looks of that. I have 40 acres and woudl love to carve a trail inside the fence line to inspect it or run the fenceline with my Kawasaki Mule. That looks good. I have wood debris, I see the toothed part, I assume that will clear up the wood debris?
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    Hooks on a bx bucket

    Thanks for the compliments on my welds, I am a self taught fabricator too. And I see the ridicule one gets in here for poor welds on other post. :p Actually a dealer tech for 32 years, mechanic for longer, but been metal fabbing for years. I built this trailer last year and I have some...
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    Hooks on a bx bucket

    I also welded mine on. Used the 3/8 hooks, works great with 5/16 chain too. I welded 3 on, 2 outers right in line with the curl ram to avoid twisting of the bucket and welded one right in the center too.
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    Can someone what this badge means?

    Mike, if this is a gray market tractor (not destined for the US originally) find the US equivalent model and use that when getting parts. Kubota will treat you like a leper or COVID-19 positive and black ball you and not sell you any parts if they know you have a gray market tractor.
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    Marvel Mystery Oil In D950?

    Re: Marvin Mystery Oil In D950? This is exactly what is going on. Pull pan.
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    2.5 gal YELLOW fuel can? (maybe Orange?)

    I too, use the 5 gallon race jugs, I ended up gettign all green, have 4 of them and I associate green with diesel because of the filling stations. I know yellow is the standard. JEGS has your need, 2.5 gallon jugs and even in all colors including yellow. These caps are standardized threads, so...
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    L2501/3301/3901 hours and repairs?

    L2501 6 hours bought new April 2017 Hydraulic leak at rubber hose, LH ram for FEL lift. Fitting not tight, heard airated sound driving, then noticed oil spots on tires etc. Tightened down, fill system back up. All good. Lost about 3 qts/
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    Greasing time

    The selling dealer told me to use "Lucas Red and Tacky" so I have and he told me to grease it at the end of each day using it. So I have. ;)
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    Convert Alternator to Internal Regulator (L1500 / 175)

    Caution on self exiting, they usually use a small "leak" resistor to tickle the rotor (field) to get it going and will drain batterys if they set a while and Kubotas do set sometimes. Most alternators that are internally regulated can self excite just based on the small amount of residual...
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    Convert Alternator to Internal Regulator (L1500 / 175)

    Bill, I was really an expert on these, its been almost 30 years, but all fresh in my head. You conversion is dead on. I think its a great upgrade also. Has your original system failed?
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    D-Rings vs Hooks

    Any reason why you cant have both? I welded 3 3/8" chain hooks on my bucket, I placed the 2 outboard ones right over the ram area thinking to avoid flex in bucket and one in the middle. Where you have the D rings located would not impeded the weld on hooks in any way. I say do both. I have a...
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    Locked wheels

    Agreed, and not to mention, the owner doesnt have a right to demand a new tractor especially with 8 hours. The mfg is obligated to fix the problem under the warranty which is a contract. That can be just the failed bearing and any collateral damage as a result, but not more. The dealer...