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    Star Manufacturing Co.

    Does anyone have an old star manufacturing catalog. I purchased a bottom plow (moldboard) and it needs a new share (point). It has been neglected badly and I need to clean up the rust and paint it but I need to replace the point and am having a hard time finding one. I took it (share) off and...
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    Opinions on post hole diggers

    Let me say one more thing about the cheap PH auger I purchased. I live about 3 miles from Mount Yonah in N. Ga. My spread is filled with Granite rocks. And I have yet to find an area of rocks that I cannot drill through. It is not solid rock but rocky none the less. Mine will pull the rocks up...
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    Opinions on post hole diggers

    I bought a new one from dirty tools ( ) for my B7100 and am very happy with it. I've probably planted all the post on the property I'm gonna plant. It does however do an awesome job of digger holes for plants in this hard N GA red clay.
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    On Line Kubota Parts

    Kumar brothers also.
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    B7000 16" rear tires

    I put ag tires on my B7100 and it really helped put the power down to the ground.
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    Extended Warranty ?

    I purchased a new M4900 in 2004 the only issue I ever had with it was a dead battery and that was my fault. I asked around when I purchased it and I was told a parts house would go broke selling parts for Kubota.
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    Dual rear wheels on a BX

    Hey guys lighten up, no one appointed you as the BX Guru except maybe NIW he is the bomb :) but the question was asked but never answered only reply was do not do it.
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    Some Scams Are Difficult to Detect....

    I agree, I've bought items on Craigslist but it is always a gamble for me if it is legit or not.
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    Solved my B7100 problem

    I still have not torn down my tractor yet but after consultation With NIW I believe I have a blown head gasket. Which was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. I fixed that problem with a new tractor MF GC1705. I found a killer deal with a local dealer on a left over 2018. I still...
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    (FOUND) D750/850/950 engine

    Re: Looking for a D750/850/950 engine You are welcome
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    (FOUND) D750/850/950 engine

    Re: Looking for a D750/850/950 engine Contact this forum member cviola2005 I was looking a month or 2 ago and he had a D950 at the time.
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    4WD and HST necessary for mowing?

    I agree 100% I purchased a M4900 gear drive in 2004 and withing 6 months I had regrets about not going with 4wd HST and loader. Made the same mistake with a truck bought a 2500 and should have got a 3500. Buy the HST with the 4WD and loader you will enjoy it much more and will find lots of...
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    Odd noise at start up on B7100 HST-D

    Mine will squeal like a bad bearing but it is the hydraulic pump. The 3 pt bleeds down and something not adjusted right so if I raise it right away the sound goes away. Could be your Hydraulic pump, maybe.
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    The only damage was to my pride....

    Good to hear only wounded pride and no one injured. I belong to a forum for my camping group and we have a section called bloopers. It was set up to help members benefit from each others mistake if you will (situations we got into and how we got out). We all can benefit from your experience...
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    Acceptable amount of blowby for a B7100?

    Duh, I mistook that for the exhaust. LOL I can say mine is getting to the point that I am considering a rebuild. It just depends on your patience with old equipment and its ability to do the job you bought it for without doing permanent harm to the equipment.