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  • Long as you got it fixed up that's all that matters. Glad you got everything worked out.
    Bulldog desperate for a 3 point hitch kit for L39. Like to find used if possible. Checked some surplus but no luck.

    bulldog I'm needing 3gal of the atf for the dodge, that uses the atf+4 chrysler fluid. Had a cooler line that i replaced. When i did the new torque converter & valve body, w/1gal deeper pan, I changed it all over to the amsoil, 16qt total, now i need at least 1.5 gal just to change filter.
    Thanks, Ed...
    Greetings, I was looking at the pictures of your tractor and noticed your sun shade. Did you make it? Would you post up or send me some pictures of it?
    I ordered mine from my dealer. I still have the box and I can get you the part number if you still need it. The fuel cut off was bought at a local auto parts store. I have added several goodies to mine over the years. Dual air filter, Dahl fuel filter, brush guard, rear remotes, telescoping stabilizers and one of the best things was the quick attach for the loader bucket. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Be glad to help with any questions you may have.
    Hey Bulldog, I am buying a L3000DT tomorrow, I posted in the buying advice section check it out. Anyway I was wanting to know more about what you wrote a while back about your 3000. You said "I also added the dual element air filter to get the added protection of a dual radial seal filter system and a inline fuel cut off valve." Can you ell me where I can get the filter and I assume the cutoff valave is jst as it sound, simple, right?
    Zeek in Ohio
    Nice to hear from you. I guess you are my closest OTT neighbor. I do some work over that way every now and then. My favorite lumber yard is right on the other side of Varnell. Give me a shout any time.
    I'm new on here.
    I just got a B7001.
    I live in Varnell. Just wanted to say "hello."
    What do people expect to hear when they live in the country. I think you should get your rooster a bull horn and let him really give them hell.
    Well, I have two leaking connectors on two of the hoses, but it still does a little work as needed.I've been so busy I haven't had time to play like I wanted to. For instance I have at least three appointments this week of my own, and the first is tomorrow at a doctor's office 30 miles away. I'm involved in a problem with a neighbor who thinks he can drive me out of "His" neighborhood by convincing some of the other bastard neighbors to report me for noise ordinance violations for my rooster's crowing. Too bad he doesn't realize he's setting himself and his cohorts up for a wicked harassment law suit. I live in an area "zoned" for Rural Residential Agricultural and I've done the best I can to keep my roosters quiet till later in the day even though I don't have to. Then last week a market in the neighboring town made the big mistake of pissing me off and they will be getting an inquiry from the State about their practices.
    It was a option listed for my tractor. I don't know which models they come for but it's a great add on. I bet one could be fitted on a lot of different models.
    Is a dual element air filter something which is available for all makes and models?
    I would like to add it to my tractor.
    Sounds like a bizarre machine. I look forward to chatting with my Dad re: this tr9tor as it would interest him.
    How would you trouble shoot buddies no start problem?
    Needed some more info from him. IE: Is it turning over?
    I've had my L1801 since Aug 2 and am really happy with it. Use to take me almost 7 hours to mow our 5 acres. Now I'm down to roughly 2.
    Changed out all fluids but the coolant. Doing fuel filter early next week.
    I am not familiar with diesel engines. Do they use a similar ignition system with their gas counterparts?
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