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  • Thanks will Ive been busy this evening keeping a promise to a man I made. If I tell anyone I will do something I always have done all in my power to do it. thanks for adding me to your list. Latter handy
    Will im sorry you are leaving. Itried to give as much help on the welder as I could without seeing it. I would have even called you to talk about the welder if you had ask.I enjoyed your post. Sometimes if no one has any experience with the zd323 or the rtv900 they may be like me and afraid they may direct you in the wrong direction. I still would mount the welder on a inexpensive platform and test it to see if it works it would make you a good welder if it works ok. Sorry if I let you down on this I will still be glad to call you and talk to you about the welder on phone if you wish. Good Luck handy
    seems I can not get a stright answer out of these guys on somethings
    ie: ZD323 and RTV900 parts list has to be around some where free and not have to buy everything
    Just seems I am the only one who has a a bigger tractor but Bulldog has one to.
    Like the Welder.........I need freaking imput some I got.

    Best thing I like about the forum is you can add a pix with out pissing off the web master/host as long is it is not nude.
    And it is not ruled by a iron fist.
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