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    L2501 temp question - first time diesel owner

    Me too! Don’t have to worry about my temp gauge in sub 40 degree temps cause the tractor isn’t getting started 🤣🤣🤣
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    Electric Car in your future?
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    Smoke and run-on

    Mechanical lift pump mounted on the block, runs off the fuel cam, they can leak fuel into the crankcase.
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    Daily Chuckle

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    Smoke and run-on

    The lift pump leaks fuels into the crankcase, causing oil level to increase, once it gets full enough it can start pulling the oil/fuel through the crankcase vent into the intake and start running away.
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    Lx3310 hard starting

    It’s not a throttle plate, it blocks off the fresh air to pull more exhaust gas through EGR.
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    Gear heads

    doesnt matter, they still gonna have to be programmed back… edit: this is if you have seperate wheels/sensors for each set of tires. If it’s just a tire swap then wheels need marked or reprogrammed for position when swapped back (if it’s a vehicle that does display individual tire pressure or...
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    Cold starts: what is your preferred RPM setting??

    IAC valves, air injection pumps, what the hell is a carburetor? 😂 think that info maybe be 20 plus years past it’s prime 🤣 but they do have programmed strategy to get engine and converters up to operating temp as quickly as possible for emissions, durability, and driver comfort…
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    Gear heads

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    Gear heads

    BTW what ended up being the heat issue?
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    Gear heads

    It doesn’t update instantly, some of them you have to drive a little bit too before they will update on the dash. It shows the wrong tire likely do to it having tires rotated or replaced at some point and tire positions not relearned to the truck.
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    Self-Check-out at Walmart

    Which one of y’all did it? 😂
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    I got a Spartan (if you know the history of Bad Boy and Spartan…). Bought in 2017 and have had zero issues with it, its around 350 hours. Kohler powered.
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    Electric Car in your future?

    they work good in Louisiana 🤣
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    Electric Car in your future?

    And go ahead, they don’t sign my paycheck 😂😂😂