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    Refurbish Kubota L245DT

    Wow not sure how your going to take that off!:eek: Where about in Ontario are you?
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    g1900 Elect problems

    I had the same problem with the gauges on my G1800 and I found this Worked for me. My hour meter also stopped working so I bought a $15 digital one with a similar dimensions off of ebay. Cut the old one out...
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    M8540 Tool Box

    On top of the right fender? Seen it done where the grab handle usually is and didn't look half bad if the top of the box was padded and upholstered.
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    Rear weight options

    Mr. Foot those look great!
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    Trailer Hitch Question- B7100

    I vote for hitch under the pto.
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    Which size grader blade for B8200?

    Five foot is the way to go.
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    two knobs which one is decompression and fuel shut off

    Your fuel shut off should be the one on the right (red one).
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    B8200 oil light low rpm

    This thread should help.
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    Adding power steering to a B8200

    The cylinder didn't fail, it was to short of a stroke and the bore was a little to large. I got the cylinder and the swivel ends from princess auto. What model are you putting it on? Here are some picture and sorry about the quality.
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    Adding power steering to a B8200

    The valve and the cylinder connect at the pitman at the same location. One on top of each others swivel eye with a long bolt. This way you can still steer without hydraulics. Since my original posting this I've replaced the hoses and got a smaller cylinder. Still works great.
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    Be wary of industrial bar tread

    I've had all three different types on two different tractors and the R4s work the best for me.
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    B2150 industrial tires?

    I don't think you'll be able to find industrials to replace your rear turfs anywhere. I believe the B2150 ratio is the same as the B8200 and you'll need to change the fronts also. 12.4 x 16 rears and 23 x 10.50 x 12 on the fronts.
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    B8200HST - Drive ratio

    Not sure if you've read my thread here yet but it might give you some cheaper ideas and be helpful in other ways.
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    B8200HST - Drive ratio

    The rear 16" rims are very common and are still used on some of the latest models. My rear rims on my B8200 are from a B26.
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    G1800 Won't Shut Off - Take #2

    There should be a hole on the left side by the radiator screen near where the hood meets where you can rig up some sort of manual stop (like a coat hanger) until you can figure out your electrical problem. I've not done this but have seen it done. My G1800 isn't always reliable when turning it...