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    L2250 - wont drive

    1987 L2250 4wd, FEL, manual trans. Was clearing a property today - bush hogging, pushing out debris, etc. Tractor stopped driving. Put in gear - sure enough, checked hi/low linkage - yep - engaged properly, put in forward or reverse on lever to left of steering wheel - ease out clutch and...
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    Thread tap for L2250 hub

    I had not thought of Fastenal - used to have an account there - years ago. Also - interesting video of splitting one of the studs. Thanks both to answering.
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    Thread tap for L2250 hub

    On my L2250 - had an incident where the studs loosened while seeding 14 acres hay - long story short - I lost 3 studs in the field (one stud was always missing) and was able to salvage 2 studs holding the wheel to the hub. I stole one stud from the other side installing the 2 remaining and the...
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    L2250 Rear Hydraulic Fill

    Thank you!
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    L2250 Rear Hydraulic Fill

    Over the rear PTO is a fill inlet. I opened it the other day and I can not see a level. Clearly needs to be filled but without a dipstick of sorts - not sure what level to fill to. Also - what viscosity does it need? Can I use UDT? Thanks,
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    Screw drive/cone log splitter/ making it safer

    I have a Bark Buster - today I broke the steel tip off. Since parts are no longer available, I'm, trying to figure out how to repair the cone/tip. Picture shows a section of the cast aluminum cone split into 4 sections, the steel tip shaft sheared off at the roll pin. The shaft remaining is...
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    Bark Buster Repair

    I have a bark buster and today broke the tip off - the cast aluminum cone broke in 4 pieces where the steel tip connects to the cone. Any recommendations how to fix? Not like these cones are readily available. picture attached.
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    L2250 lift link capacity

    Arms drop fine. How do I pressure test? And where is the pressure relief valve located? Is that under the seat
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    L2250 lift link capacity

    I have a 1987 L2250, 970hrs, pretty well maintained by previous owner (i know the guy). He did replace the hydraulic pump over the years and general maintenance expected. New hoses when needed, all fluid/filter changes. Yesterday I bought 2 round bales (hay), they weigh roughly 600lbs each. I...
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    L2250, low flash dash lights

    Thanks for the YouTube tip. Here it is.
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    L2250, low flash dash lights

    Today, mucking out an alcove and piling up manure hay matter, i noticed my dash lights started intermittent doing a low flash. Low being dim. Im guessing a ground is at fault but figured Id check with yall. I tried to upload a short movie clip but cant load a .mov file type. Seemed to only...
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    B7500 Belly Mower

    I have a belly mowner off a B7100. RC60-71B. Includes front and mid mounting harness. Im in Maryland though
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    MMM 60” off B7100

    Im selling my tractor B7100 HST-D but the guy diesnt want the bushhog ir MmM. MMM is a Kubota RC60-71B, gearbox rebuilt this past summer, includes mid and front harness. How much are they worth on the used market?
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    Canopy and Lights

    Have you had it on a trailer yet? Curious how it holds up under a wind load? I bought a L2250 that, for me, needs a canopy. But I transport my tractor a lot so I need a canopy to be strong enough to resist the wind load too. I was seriously considering building the canopy frame out of...
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    homemade sun shade / canopy

    I have a L2250 I need a canopy for - but I wanted a large - well covering canopy - something like what Bambam31 did - I was wondering though - how it would travel on a trailer - I transport my tractor a lot - definitely don't need it "sailing away" - ripping off the mount and God forbid -...