Spacers - Front and Rear, or Rear Only?


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Aug 16, 2018
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Ok, but try living the practical world for a bit...LOL.

It is all a matter of what the net effect is...both front axle pivot friction and wind are likely minimal to the point of being non issues...
That's the exact point of why you guys are slitting hairs. Rear spacers add enough real world stability that it's worth the expense and extra wear and tear on equipment. Lot's of bang for your buck. Front spacers do add to stability as the math proves, but to a MUCH lesser degree at normal 'tractoring' speeds. If you use your head you should not need that very small percentage of added stability the front spacers add to avoid tipping over. ... to the point of being a non issue ;)

Both you guys are technically right, and no one is implying narrower is better. It does make for a good discussion though.

And I have to add that if you have an open station with a rigid canopy in high winds, that can go from 'non issue' to 'oh crap issue' very quickly.