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  • Hi Torch! North Idaho Wolfman said you are the person to see about getting my hands on a hydraulic block diverter for a B 6100. Is that something I can buy from you possibly? I would like to add a hydraulic top link to my little tractor… thanks so much for the help!
    Hi Torch - just joined and saw you were in Muskoka as well. Just got a new BX and liking it so far. I am in the Rosseau area.
    Morning Torch, I have seen several of your post about B7100 tractor. I have a B7100 HST-D purchased in 1996. The tractor is in perfect condition but in central Texas I am considering building canopy and would like to install a cooling fan in the canopy. I have seen several on the forum have used a radiator cooling fan. My question and concern is will the dynamo produce enough amps for this. I do not use any lights on the tractor or any other item which I know of that would be drawing amps. Would appreciate your thoughts. You may email me at or PM me someway on the forum. Thanks in advance for your assistance and have a fantastic day. Wilburn"Red" Cox
    hey torch ,just getting back to the rear dump bucket project(had a recreational accident which has kept me off my feet and in rehab ) walking is great !!! so heres my question can u tell me what ports I should be using on the bm20 hyd control from princess auto ? or a simple sketch of the control to cyl to hyd block on the b6100 .... spring is coming need to button this project up !!thnx

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