Removing T-Posts - almost fell over

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Jun 9, 2013
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45 degrees? Like, from one side to the other?
Yep, it was pucker factor at max!
It really wasn't done on purpose and I wouldn't do it again. ;)

Also the loader on my tractor is stronger than it needs to be, I can stick the bucket in material and even with 1000lbs of ballast on the three point can pick the rear end right off the ground without even trying.
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Jan 14, 2019
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another 'option', use the 3PH hydraulics. depending on the tractor, 3PH probably lifts more than the loader can
That’s how I pull t posts. I’ll chain the t post to a rear implement such as a blade.


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Apr 25, 2023
The other night I was pulling out t posts with my lx2610. I do have a loader on it but feared the situation you were in. I backed the tractor with the quick hitch right up against the post. With the 3 point lowered I wrapped the chain as low to the post as I could, then to the hook of the quick hitch. I stood off to the side of the tractor for protection of a snapped chain or airbourne post. I needed numerous bits at it vs the loader but felt safer and more in control of the tractor.......even though running a tractor not in the seat isn't safe...


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Oct 21, 2017
Yep - we learn through failure ... thankfully - my failures so far with the tractor have not resulted in loss or injury ...

Learned yet again today ... I was removing some t-posts (used to secure newly planted trees) from trees that have matured and no longer need them ...

I have a hook on my bucket and was lifting a t-post out of the ground (via a strap) when ... as I lifted the bucket to pull the t-post ... my front right tire seemed to sink into the ground and .. instantly my left rear tire left the ground and the tractor began to dangerously tilt ... yikes.

Glad I have the ballast in the tires ... nope, no rear attachments, just the quick hitch ...

I'm normally very much aware of carrying heavy loads ... go slow, carry it low, etc. Didn't really think a t-post could tip me over ... now I know.
You managed to lift your tractor almost past the 45 degree tipping point? Wow, that takes some effort!

I usually stop attempting a lift if my rear wheel comes off the ground. I can't imagine flipping my machine over unless I'm working on 45 degree slopes, pulling from the low side and starting my pull with the boom at full height.


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Jun 4, 2023
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Slightly tangential, but does anyone know where to get a bolt on kit for basically a short (~2in) piece of square tube that one can mount on the side of the bucket, for pulling t-posts?

I can pull t posts effectively using a chain (from the center, I don't even have hooks, just wrap the chain around the center tines of the grapple). But since I don't have any help, each t post requires 2 mount/dismounts to secure the chain on the post and then remove the post from the chain once it's pulled. I was slightly disappointed that my Blue Diamond root grapple cannot find a purchase on the narrow t posts. However, I recall seeing a dude on the interwebs who had welded a short length of square tube to the side of his bucket. He drops down the bucket where the tube, slightly larger in diameter than the t post, goes around the shaft of the t post, then curls the bucket slightly to lock into place, then lifts out with the loader. Once the post is out, curling the bucket back to vertical lets the post slide out. Seemed like a brilliant idea! Not having access to a welder, it seems trivial that someone should be selling a bolt-on version of this for folks like me-- you know we're willing to overpay for this stuff so take my money please!

(Additional context disclaimer: I know there is a real risk of bending the t post doing it this way, and I don't care because I've got a few hundred of these things with no use for them. Got rid of the horses 4 years ago and been slowly pulling up all the cross pasture fencing. Also, I always have a big ass 6ft brushcutter on the rear for ballast and, with appropriate caution taken, am not concerned about the off center load on my loader tipping me over or twisting up the loader. I'm grandaddy slow doing loader work in part bc I've read so many of these horror stories on forums like these--and, unfortunately, obituaries in the local news. My chicken butt would have stopped long before anything left the ground or started to bend).


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Mar 27, 2014
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Search YouTube for post pullers. There is at least one home made that is on the side of a bucket and does not require getting off the the tractor seat! Copy and build.