New BX2380 bucket meets ground unevenly....



Kubota BX2380 (previously a BX1870 and GR2100)...
Jan 2, 2022
Picked it up yesterday. The bucket seemed to be level on the concrete pad at dealer. Tech said he readjusted the loader saddles, and to get the levelness of bucket within spec that he put 20lbs air in right tire and 17lbs in left tire. He was able to adjust the fender some so it doesn't rub on the right side seat base. Lastly, he shimmed the hydraulic pressure up to 1900psi( it was only around 1690psi when I took it in), he said it should break in to the 1800psi range where it should be. So we'll see how it is... I also ordered some wheel spacers on ebay . I also dropped my set of R4's off at dealer when I picked tractor up, they are giving me credit toward a set of R14t tires. They had to order them, so we'll see how long it takes to get them....