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  • Hi Kabota Paul, The 2020 price would be any increase in the magnets and material. this is just a fun retirement project that helps others with the same problems in these cold temps. Eagle beat me posting a little info on temps while using the covers. I just did the same thing with mine only carried out a little bit further and will post tomorrow. I have a couple of sets ready and recently sent some to Ontario and New Foundland. Mailing them 1st Class postage for an additional $15 US funds. The one to Maxville, Ontario was delivered today taking just under 2 weeks to clear customs and be delivered. we've been pretty warm here, that'll change soon but at least the season is getting shorter. Thanks for your interest! If you'd like a set this winter it could be in the mail and at your door in about 2 weeks. Any form of pymt in US funds works. Paypal is easy. I can't process cc cards but a neighbor can and will do that for me. You can also email me at: email]dbratager@sdnets.com[/email]
    HI bird dogger. I am on the 49th also in Ontario. This winter has been the mildest in history. We usually get much colder. Sometimes down to - 40. I like what you have made and think I will order one for my B 2650. Not in a hurry as this winter sucks but would like to have for next winter. What will your price be for 2020 ? Also how do I pay you ? Paul
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