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  • I have a LX2610 cab version on order. Should be delivered in time for the winter here in Idaho and (hopefully) some snowblowing. I'm interested in purchasing a set of the covers. Please let me know how you are handling the orders this year. Thanks! Randy
    bird dogger
    Hi Tetonview,
    I sent you a message via "conversation" regarding a set of covers. If you select the "Envelope" in top right corner of your screen you should find it. Thanks!
    bird dogger, I sent you an email concerning the purchase of a set of these covers. When you get time check out your email and get back to me.
    Thanks, Jim.
    I'm impressed with the custom winter fronts you make!
    I have a 2014 B2650. I bought it in the spring of 2019.
    It was still brand new. Poor fella bought it, put 12 hours on it planting some trees then, unfortunately, he passed away. His widow had it in their heated garage for 5 years before deciding to sell it. I'm about to hit the 200-hour mark now. I put some time into it during the summer. I have 3 acres, my dad has 2 acres and I have done custom tilling for gardens.

    I've been pushing snow with it this winter and I find it struggles to keep the temp above the bottom mark on the gauge. Just as you mentioned.

    Are you still making these? Could you PM me a price or email me at brad@johnsontruckline.com
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    bird dogger
    I still make them brad. and thanks for the compliments. I'll send a message to your address mentioned above.
    Hi Kabota Paul, The 2020 price would be any increase in the magnets and material. this is just a fun retirement project that helps others with the same problems in these cold temps. Eagle beat me posting a little info on temps while using the covers. I just did the same thing with mine only carried out a little bit further and will post tomorrow. I have a couple of sets ready and recently sent some to Ontario and New Foundland. Mailing them 1st Class postage for an additional $15 US funds. The one to Maxville, Ontario was delivered today taking just under 2 weeks to clear customs and be delivered. we've been pretty warm here, that'll change soon but at least the season is getting shorter. Thanks for your interest! If you'd like a set this winter it could be in the mail and at your door in about 2 weeks. Any form of pymt in US funds works. Paypal is easy. I can't process cc cards but a neighbor can and will do that for me. You can also email me at: email]dbratager@sdnets.com[/email]
    HI bird dogger. I am on the 49th also in Ontario. This winter has been the mildest in history. We usually get much colder. Sometimes down to - 40. I like what you have made and think I will order one for my B 2650. Not in a hurry as this winter sucks but would like to have for next winter. What will your price be for 2020 ? Also how do I pay you ? Paul
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