A winch on my 2502


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Jan 29, 2021
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I think it depends on how far you want to move the logs. Most winches don't have very much length. However, winches only pull at their rating while extended. In practical terms, you need extensions which by the way in synthetic form are cheaper than winch lines for some reason.

However, if you do plan on pulling very far, a capstan winch is probably a better idea.

For mounting, I'd consider a ballast box and mount an extra battery in it. You can run a charging cable to it from the tractor with an isolator to protect the charging level of the tractor.

Better would be making something that attaches to the draw bar.
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Oct 15, 2021
You probably already know... but if not...

For the sake of safety, especially if you plan to work alone, go syn rope over steel cable. Unless you'll be dragging it on the ground. But they do have sleeves for that too.



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Nov 17, 2021
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They lost me when he said it’s travailing as fast as a bullet. lol guess the got some slow bullets down under lol good video i guess though. I use cable and rope but by far for safety I’d say logging chains. Luckily I have 100+ feet of it in different lengths from over the years.
I wouldn’t think that winch rope would be all that good for logging with. I use a way heavier rope for tree work then a winch rope. I also use cables. No matter what your using the same care needs to be taken. I actually feel people get a bit more risky with safety when using rope over cable. If I had to choose rope or cable for this job its cable. For just an occasional winch for 4x4 atvs or side by side then ya rope.