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    5 ton excavator at high altitude (KX057 or U48)

    Turbo engines will make the same power whether at sea level or 7000'
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    5 ton excavator at high altitude (KX057 or U48)

    Turbo engines do not lose any power at altitude whether gas or diesel.
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    Better payment method than actual cash

    When I sold an excavator for 33K the buyer did a wire transfer.
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    questions regarding the purchase of a used BX25D

    That certainly is top dollar! There is no SSQA! I would check the hydro fan and make sure the tie rod boots are all there. Check hoses and tires for dry rot! I paid $540 for the pallet forks and another $270 for the thumb. I would pay $15k tops for that machine providing everything looks good...
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    BX23S front end hydraulics

    I find the forks are pretty twitchy too!
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    Lost hitch pin yesterday

    That happened to me with my Ripper. Went to Harbor Freight and bought a whole tray with an assortment of sizes. Ordered an extra Pin for the Quick Attach. You don't want to be caught with your pants down.
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    Why is KTAC Insurance So Expensive

    Live and learn.
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    East Coast cheaper?

    I live in GA, they are not any cheaper here.
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    Any other hobby farmers out there???

    I grow blueberries, lemons, limes, satsuma, and figs. In the veggie patch I cultivate tomatoes, eggplant, squash, peppers and some pole beans. It's a tough environment in the swamp lands of the Southeast USA. The Spring growing season ends June 30. To hot to grow anything in the Summer.
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    Why the "curved/bent" boom on mini excavators?

    My BH has a curved boom which allows you to dig closer to the machine.
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    BX23S float position on loader

    Remember it's not a dozer!
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    BX2680/2380 hst fan guard

    The Brotek skid plate is a two piece which works with MMM.
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    BX2680/2380 hst fan guard

    There is a fan guard, but it is not good enough. Most people go with the Under Armour for better protection of the fan and fuel filter.
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    Private sale, paying cash, what are the risks/procedures?

    Here is how I did it with $33K excavator.It was part of an estate that I was administrating. The buyer was local, about 2 hours away. I told him everything I knew about the machine. Let him scrutinize the whole machine. He came back a few days later with someone else, after some haggling we...
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    BX23S Shims = More Pressure - Better/Worse?

    Did you measure the pressure at the power beyond port at the rear of the machine? I'm at 1850 and the machine performs well.