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    B3200 starting problem

    Try removing the cables from the battery. Clean cable ends and battery terminals. Inspect cable ends for corrosion damage to cable itself. Reinstall and tighten thoroughly. Follow cable to frame ground. Clean and tighten. If voltage is still low when starter is engaged charge battery and...
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    Can't find radiator drain plug on L3600

    You should be able to purchase a tester at your local auto parts store to tell the freezing level of your coolant mixture without draining it. I never found the radiator drain on my last tractor so I simply detached the lower hose. Be sure to use only distilled water with the anti freeze in...
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    M9540 no starting problem

    I don't think he needs a wiring diagram just yet. Charge the battery and have it load tested. It sounds like high internal resistance in the battery - assuming connectors were clean and tight and the frame connection was as well.
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    Early 80's L285

    If you're sure you need a starter you should be able to take it to a local starter repair shop. They can probably either repair yours or come up with an equivalent replacement for far less than the genuine Kubota article which is unlikely to be made by Kubota anyhow.
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    BX2200 Hydraulic Hardline question

    If you don't have flat rubber roofing you could try a piece of inner tube. A cheap bicycle inner tube would probably suffice.
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    To Plow or not To Plow

    Living in the north country I'm sure you know if you don't plow it will pack. Virgin snow is only virgin the first time you cross it. After snow packs it tends to form an ice like coat over time. You need to make your own choices on this one.
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    rear turn signals

    As the Evil Twin said you may be at the point of replacing the flasher. If it uses an automotive type flasher get a solid state replacement at the auto parts store. It will flash even with a burned out bulb.
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    it leaks

    It is probably not overflow. If it's a new tractor contact the dealer.
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    Anyone build a 'replica' Cobra?

    I wish!!! Being less financially flush I will be entertaining myself by putting a 1986 Fox body Thunderbird into a 1966 Ranchero. That should create enough problems for me to solve on the cheap.
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    L48 200 hour filter change

    If you're REALLY quick you can swap a filter with minimal fluid loss. I'm not that quick so I connect a shop vac to the oil fill port. The vacuum provides negative pressure and you lose very little fluid beyond what's in the filter itself. You may wish to have a gallon on hand to replace the...
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    B7800 Wix or Fram filter numbers for oil and hydraulic filters.

    I have nothing against Wix filters though I do use Bosch filters in my cars and trucks. I am sure there are filters out there as good as what Kubota sells but I'll continue using their filters, especially for my HST transmission. For the difference in price and as often as they need changed I...
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    Try a web search for Kubota manuals or search eBay.
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    MX5000 smoking

    White or gray smoke is not uncommon when an engine is warming up. In a warm engine it may be indicative of an incorrect fuel air ratio or moisture in some form getting into the cylinders.
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    28in front tires on l3901

    If the outer circumference is the same it won't matter. The problem would be mounting a 28 inch tire on a 27 inch rim. I wouldn't think you could do that. The tires are possibly miss marked or maybe you read the size wrong. In either case compare the circumference of the old and the new...
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    4300DT PTO help

    I don't know what you mean by a long time to engage. If it is not slipping during use the clutch is probably fine. Do you mean after depressing the clutch it takes awhile before you can engage the PTO or is the PTO slow to come up to speed after releasing the clutch? Are you sure you're using...