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    L3130 : Front tire won't release any air

    If it is a defective valve core there is no need to remove the tire. The tool used to remove the old one will release all the air. Cores are pretty standard so the same tool used to remove the old one can be used to install a new one.
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    Fel drops on one side

    If the FEL is only dropping on one side you may have an internal leak in one of the cylinders - especially if that's the only thing wrong.
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    L3130 : only 4L oil came out of engine

    I presume you're aware that the oil in the filter won't drain from the crankcase. I know, it's a small filter and won't hold a lot but that could account for some.
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    Hydro oil best changed hot or not?

    The hydraulic oil should be thinner and drain better when warm. That is the reason for changing engine oil when warm.
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    BX 23S Stationary PTO issue

    The L2501 requires the seat be flipped up but I don't know what the B series requires. If the above directions don't work try checking the seat switch with an ohmmeter to be sure contacts are working as they should.
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    L2501 fuel filter change

    I think kerosene is also known as number one diesel whereas your normal fuel is number two diesel. Kerosene may have a lower viscosity than diesel and perhaps be better for cleaning things out or rinsing the filter but they're pretty close to being the same thing.
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    7040 loader raising issue

    If the three point control is fully in the raise position it can affect operation of the loader.
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    L3350/BF800 Loader Issues

    The three point hitch works on the same pump as the loader. You could try disconnecting and reconnecting the quick disconnects on the hydraulic lines. Sometimes one isn't quite seated and therefore doesn't seal correctly though it may not leak. You could also check to see if that model has a...
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    B1750 will crank but not start…

    As far as I know if the tractor "thinks" its safeties have not been satisfied it will not crank at all. If it will turn over without depressing the clutch that indicates the clutch safety switch has failed and the tractor "thinks" the clutch is depressed. Your symptoms sound more like for some...
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    Corrosion on Ignition Switch?

    There is also the possibility your battery is defective. It is possible to have a surface charge of the correct voltage but enough internal resistance it won't run the starter. Measure the voltage while attempting to crank the engine. Oh, yeas, in any case clean the terminals as suggested above.
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    Clutch drag.

    You may need an over run clutch. It's a device between the tractor PTO output and the PTO shaft. It still spins the mower but will allow the mower to continue spinning while preventing its inertia from pushing the tractor. Some tractors have a two stage clutch to disengage the PTO but many do...
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    Could anyone please tell me whats going on with my mower deck?

    How was the mower working before you replaced the belt? Are you SURE you have the correct belt? The new belt should be close to the same length as the old one. It is possible the old one stretched a bit over time but the new belt should be the same length or perhaps very slightly shorter.
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    ZD21 smoke on start-up

    Your friend messing with the power is probably the cause of your smoke. He could have altered the timing or increased the fuel injected. The dealer can probably solve your problem but to do it yourself you would probably need the shop manual as nobody here will have any idea what he did.
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    Buying my first Tractor

    I did not want a computer or a DPF so I made it a point to stay at or below 25 horsepower. I favor simplicity over bells and whistles - easier to maintain. My L2501 runs my five foot brush hog just fine. If you go for a lighter tractor you may wish to consider a smaller brush hog. No, it...
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    Hydraulic level location.

    Try looking in the owner's manual. If you don't have one you can try to find one through