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    B7800 Wix or Fram filter numbers for oil and hydraulic filters.

    PURPLE... Gives it that cool Blue dot effect!
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    I'm giving you One warning! We do not allow any member to be rude to another and your comment was down right rude. Everything he said was correct and good advice. These engines do not need electric to run, and they need very little to start. You ran it out of fuel and very likely clogged up...
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    5 Fall food plots for Nachos.

    I get the biggest chuckle out of "Food Plots". :ROFLMAO: Up here the wildlife just snack on the yard naturally. 😁 No need to bait them in. ;)
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    Lifting bar on FEL, instead of bucket or QA frame

    My choice / input, I would make a Dolly / Cart / Wagon to haul the array around. I would think it would be easier and safer on you and it.
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    Kubota V1505 low oil pressure.

    Pull the injectors or the glow plugs and see how well the motor turns by hand. If it feels smooth and easy then I would say you need to pull the pan and check the pickup screen. After that you'll need to get fully into it.
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    L3130 Excessive breather smoke

    Check the oil for water, check the radiator for bubbles. If it gets hot then that's also a big clue. If you have either you've more than likely overheated it and cracked the head.
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    How to increase hydraulic flow L3400D?

    Your going to be hard pressed to find a unit that will work for you. You don't have enough PTO HP to run most of the units. You are at 29HP and most units are 30HP+ Even if you got the smallest unit, it will tax your tractor hard trying to run it.
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    Kubota V1505 low oil pressure.

    Pull the oil and look for metal in it. Sounds like you could have a main bearing issue.
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    Work shop manual for L2550

    Sent you a PM. ;)
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    2nd problem with R-14 Tires!

    The axles are plenty strong enough, they are designed to handle duals, so no issue there. Kubota does offer split rims for L's just not in wide format rim. R14 are of the same profile as the R4's they do not fit narrow rims.
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    My tractor decided to lay down and take a rest

    Either turn it over by hand or remove the glow plugs and make sure it turns freely. Check all fluids and look for anything that might have gotten, shifted, bent or broken.
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    Fuel leak L355SS

    You'll need to remove the tank if you can't get to the tank side of the hose if you need to replace it.
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    2nd problem with R-14 Tires!

    You can not mount a R4 or R14 tires on an R1 rim, they are way to narrow of a rim.
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    L175 Remote Hydraulic

    Just buy the right block from one of guys selling them in the thread that Russell put up.
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    Tire chain question.

    Mine are studded all the time. They work great all winter. I don't have hard or solid surfaces, we have all sand.