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    L4240HSTC-3 Turbo upfit-upgrade?

    And this website sells the turbo claiming it’s for my model?
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    L4240HSTC-3 Turbo upfit-upgrade?

    Next two hp sizes up, 5240 comes with a turbo stock. 🤔
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    L4240HSTC-3 Turbo upfit-upgrade?

    Wondering if anyone has performed a turbo upfit-upgrade on one of these? I think the boost would come in handy with my front snowblower on my hilly driveway. It is a interim tier 4 without the catalytic converter and dpmf. Thanks
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    New L5240 Starting Rough

    I’d sure like to ask this Central Division Service Manager why some do it and some don’t? You’d think there’s an internal memo, technical service bulletin or something about it other than the blanket answer that it’s normal.
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    Snow plow suggestions needed for L3560

    I’d love to have your setup! 60 hp and hydraulic blower! Big $$$ plus you can raise your fel for drifts. Mine was $3500 used plus $400 for mid PTO. I agree with your pusher assessment.
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    New L5240 Starting Rough

    Mine starts promptly. Thanks
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    New L5240 Starting Rough

    Hi Dave, mine is a HST not a Shuttle Shift. Did you modify yours for air temperature? ”When the engine then cranks it is inhaling very cold air and the warm block is not helping.” It helps mine, that’s why I use it. When I use the block heater my glow plug time is shortened and it starts...
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    New L5240 Starting Rough

    I know this is an old thread but my 2012 L4240HstC-3 does the same thing, lots of white smoke below 46* and stumbles for about 10 seconds. I too have taken videos and showed them to the service manager at my local kubota dealer. He says it’s normal for Intrim Tier-4 engine. Then I purchased a...
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    White exhaust smoke

    L4240 Mine does it on a cold start below 46* for about 10+ seconds. I’ve showed the video to the service manager at our local Kubota and he says it’s normal for my I-tier4 without a particulate filter and catalytic because emissions are set when hot. Not believing the answer I asked a mobile...
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    Tire Chains

    Search on this forum, Does tire grooving really work? And you’ll have your answer.
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    Proper Front snowblower operation

    We got 11 inches yesterday and I had my L4240 hstc in auto throttle, load sense and noticed I had to use L range switching from Turtle to Rabbit with my hills. I used M auto throttle, auto hst & load sense last year but found on my big hill running upwards when it downshifted it would almost...
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    Northern Owner Sperience

    I also use Power Service (white bottle) 1.6 ounces per 5 gallon container with dyed diesel. I also used the other brand which has a year round additive with no issues.
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    Bar chain oil or WD-40 Gell Lube

    Yep it is, I get mine at TSC about $6-7 a gallon. 6 years ago I hired some loggers to remove trees and they gave me a simple tip for using gallons. Put a small hole in the foil top and it works great for applying to the #60 chain and gears. My bro mentioned the gel spray and got some but didn’t...
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    Bar chain oil or WD-40 Gell Lube

    My 72” blower uses #60 chain and Kubota recommends bar and chain oil every 4 hrs. It works but my brother swears by this stuff. Bought a can but not sure. Anyone use it on a blower chain and gears?