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    Grease gun recommendation

    I'm a Ryobi junkie. They came out with a battery operated grease gun a year or two ago and I was all over it. Works as it should and now its almost fun to grease the tractor. As others have said lock-an-lube is almost a must have.
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    B2650 Transmission and Hydraulic Filters

    The last time I changed my hydro filter, my son-in-law was there. So I had him pinch off the vent. I think it helped with some of the fluid loss. I have always used the Kubota filters. (choking on the $) At least your experience makes me feel a little better about the oem filters.
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    How do you tie/secure your tractor to trailer / front or backwards with canopy?

    I thought about using the y over the center, but I believe I get a little more front to back stability from hooking in front and in back of the tire. I use a ratchet on both ends of the strap. I tried it with only 1 ratchet, but it left the opposite end of the strap slightly loose. When I...
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    How do you tie/secure your tractor to trailer / front or backwards with canopy?

    I use straps also. No nicks or chips and all 4 corners are strapped to the trailer. Each strap has a 10000 lb load rating. I also agree that if there is any chance a strap will get on a surface that will chafe or cut, a chain is the way to go.
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    If I have a project that requires a lot of in and out of the cab I will just leave the engine @ 2000ish rpm's. Same when I'm using the winch. With the older non tier4 I would leave the engine @ 1500rpm's. I never left any tractor at dead idle for long periods.
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    White exhaust smoke

    Is North Dakota weather that much different than Maine? On a 10 degree day everything has white smoke until fully warmed up and all the moisture is burned out of the exhaust.
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    Lug nut reminder

    We've been torquing wheel nuts on cars for over 20 years. We also lube the tapered seat especially important on aluminum wheels. I guess it depends on where you go.
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    Bucket hook installation tips

    I have 3 hooks welded on. 2 out side ones are for chaining or strapping something in the bucket. I move around a lot of 55 gal drums with a barrel grabber. i will only lift from the center. Would rather bend a bucket than a loader arm or worst case scenario tip the tractor over.
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    Engine knock dealer says new motor

    Back to the problem on hand. I'm not sure what year your tractor is, but spending that much money on an older tractor isn't always the most cost effective solution. I would defiantly determine without a doubt that it needs an engine. Then before committing to the repair get a price on trading...
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    Kubota Tier V DPF engines

    I don't have any issues with the way my Gr L6060 regens. The only time it's in any way an inconvenience is if I'm done for the job and ready to shut the tractor off and it is in regen. I have to leave running at 2000 RPM's for max 20 min usually it's 10 to 15 min. ( that's if it just started...
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    Synthetic or Conventional motor oil in Kubota diesels

    I would like to use Kubota oil in my Kubota, but they don't offer synthetic oil for the motor. They ONLY offer synthetic for hydraulic fluid (super udtII) and they very defiantly tell you not to use anything else. I do only use Kubota filters. I'm a believer in synthetic oil is better...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I put the snowblower on my JD X320. (for the son in law) and then went out and with the Kubota and blew the first snow of the season out of my driveways.
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    Snow plow suggestions needed for L3560

    I don't have any experience with a plow on a tractor, but I have heard that because of the slower speed of a tractor they don't work as well as on a truck. The snow won't roll off the blade at low speeds. I plow a lot of snow with a V-plow on my truck and you do need a little speed to make them...
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    Chainsaw mount SawHaul

    I did basically the same thing with a few scraps of wood and I had to buy a threaded rod and a hand full of nuts. I don't carry my saw all the time. Only when it will be needed and I haven't had any problems carrying the saw this way. I think you will like it. A lot better than shoveling your...
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    Seeming engine knock heard right at startup until engine is revved up - L4060

    It might be worth taking it to your dealer and leave it over night and get their opinion on the noise at start up. You can always have the oil analyzed at a place like Blackstone Laboratories, it might give you peace of mind. My 6060 has always had a slight knocking noise at idle on start up...