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    Some of you may remember my Post about my B2601 breaking in half!

    Someone has a very nice parts washer Jealousy.
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    G4200 HST Slow Up Incline

    Just thinking. If the pump is at the motor and the reservoir is the tranny. Is there a seal from tranny to rear end housing the could be leaking/ Could cause the pump to run low when going uphill. Worth exactly what you paid for it!
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    A friend's neighbor is selling an M7060 .... is your friend. Rear tire width 58=68"
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    L285 Steering Box Repair

    A followup. Closer examination after chipping off the JB Weld revealed a beautiful arc welding job under the cracked JB Weld. The box itself is fine. It been holding cleaning fluid for 3 days now. I went online and ordered the parts needed to repair it. Turns out the problem was the bottom...
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    L285 Steering Box Repair

    I did a little more digging. I chipped away some of the JB Weld and lo and behold at one point in it's life the box had suffered a major break. All of the JB Weld is covering a very good job of cast iron welding. It appears that some of the weld was porous and caused the cracks in the JB Weld...
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    L285 Steering Box Repair

    I have an L285 with a cracked steering box. It has been JB Welded but that didn't work, it cracked again in one spot. I need it welded/repaired/rebuilt. Anyone have anyone have any recommendations . Pictures attached. Messicks shows they can order one but I haven't called to see if they can...
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    L285 Steering gear box

    Tell me more, I'm new to working on tractors. Who makes them or where to find out more. After the tinware hit every tree on someones property it wasn't used much. Probably spent it's life outside. It shows less than 1k hours and is stronger than horseradish.
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    L285 Steering gear box

    Has anyone figured out a workaround for a loosey-goosey L285/345 steering gear box?? The wornout OEM are expensive if they can be found. Surely someone has found another box that with a little southern engineering can be made to work. Be nice if an 8N/9N box would be a close fit as they are...
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    L225....Steering wheel just spins...

    Please find me one for an L285. Non-existent. If you consider $400 and up reasonable I guess ebay is a place to get one for an L225.
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    Can I determine what model year from serial code?

    If I find that tag on a tractor I purchased I have seriously screwed up.
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    Clearing land with my Kubota BX

    And what equipment you have available.
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    PTO Shaft Safety Cover Problems

    You would be correct.
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    PTO Shaft Safety Cover Problems

    Mine got accidentally thrown away about the third time I was trying to hook up and that sleeve wasn't co-operating.
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    Another L285 question

    Thanks, just gotta love these old maintenance manuals. I guess I start over.
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    Another L285 question

    In doing maintenance on this new to me I changed all the fluids. Engine went fine. Transmission not so. Drained from the plug under the shifter and got out a little over 5 gal. It's supposed to hold just over 7 gal. I figured it was just low and refilled it. At just over 5 gal it was running out...