Reverse Alarm installation (HST)


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I appreciate your advice and agree with your assessment of the water issue. I will look into the rubber protection boot. As usual, you have been very helpful - even taking a picture to show your recommendation. I am grateful for your continued help.

Speaking of help, I wondering if you could provide some guidance with tapping into the fuse box for drawing power. Do I simply find a wire that activates when the ignition is on and splice into it? Any help would be appreciated.

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Thomas sorry to have taken so long to respond but for some reason I didn't get any notification via email that someone posted on this thread.

I tapped into my main fuse panel which is down by your left leg. You can purchase a fuse tap (as pictured) and install an inline 15 amp fuel and tap into your panel using the fuel tap.

I don't think you'll find a power source that will cut the power with the key off on the Grand L's and to be honest I just don't remember but you can check that with a test light, Using the fuse tap eliminates the need to actually cut into the tractors wiring. If you can only find a fuel in the fues panel that has power all the time it wouldn't matter because the remote switch that you installed will cut the power when the HST pedal is not used. Hope this helps.


I gave this website yo Wildfire and posted it before but check out
They have a huge selection of lights and wiring, their business is selling parts and equipment to the towing and wrecker industry but by far they have the biggest selection and best prices I've seen anywhere.

And Wildfire, I've got the rear tires off and in the shop having them liquid filled for ballast as we speak, not bad for 50 bucks. And I've been doing some other fine tuning to get me ready and comfy. I took the seat off and went to our local welding shop and they raised it up 7 inches so my 6ft 4 inch tall self can have some leg room. They are saying we are supposed to get close to 20 inches of snow fall here this weekend so I'm ready to make the dollar bills!
Thanks Eric for the web site link. Great quality stuff on there. Wow your getting a great deal on loading up your wheels and your mods sounds interesting. We're right in the middle of a Hugh storm here today and it's supposed to go on into tomorrow. If we get the snow they're calling for I may do another video. Thanks again for the link. :cool:


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Jan 28, 2010
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Well, I finally got my backup alarm installation completed. We are in the middle of a 6-12" snow storm here in Western Michigan, so I will have a chance to get it out and make some noise! Will try to capture a short video of the new backup alarm in action. Overall I am very pleased. I know I will have to change out the cutoff switch at some point for one that is waterproof, but that will be relatively straight forward. The only reason I haven't done it yet is that the non waterproof one is fully operational and I am being a bit picky on the look for the new one. Found some nice potential switches from Cherry Electric that I may be ordering up soon.

Thanks again Paul for all your help and guidance.