Potential PTO Shaft Rotation Tool?

bird dogger

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Feb 24, 2019
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I'm also experiencing this with my LX3310. Makes hooking up PTO shafts mildly annoying.

I was able to easily hand spin the PTO on both the BX and B2601 as long as the selector was set to mid only. The LX is stubborn, and won't budge. I am going to try the transmission in neutral and try out the other position on the PTO selector to see if it makes a difference, I've only tried while set to mid only.

@Patent Guy did you ever sort this out?
My B2650 was quite stiff to rotate the pto shaft when new and even after a few months. But it kept getting easier and easier. I just have to remember (as mentioned above) that for hookup: select the opposite pto only and it will rotate by hand for maybe 90 degrees or easily enough to match the splines. Once hooked up, select the proper pto again. Now after a couple of years, the pto spins loose by hand for hookup. But only for that partial rotation.
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Patent Guy

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Nov 14, 2020
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Mine now rotates freely. Put PTO in mid. The issue is that sometimes that is tough to do, but getting easier. It is also getting easier to move between gear ranges and engaging 4wd. The PTO is still the most difficult as it is used the least. I think it is just a new issue.

If you have to starting the tractor helps to get it in mid PTO.
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