Losing interest in R14 tires...


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LX2610SU - GS1560, BB1260, BB20-48, RCR1860, PFL1242
Jul 11, 2020
Northwest Washington
I can't say enough for my R14's on my LX2610. Just turned 50 hours on the clock, don't think I've spun them once. This pulling a loaded box blade and land plane, with tines down, tearing out turf and gravel. And I can drive across a lawn without having to replace my divots.
We got just a dusting of snow last week, so I can't yet speak to their performance in the white stuff yet though.
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B2910, BX2200, KX41-2V mini Ex.
May 24, 2019
North of Pittsburgh PA
I regained interest in the R14 tires, but then gave up on my idea to buy a new tractor/backhoe, and instead bought an older Kubota KX-41-2V mini ex.

Just realized that I have a perfectly serviceable tractor for my needs, and readjusted my thinking...

Pretty much concluded if I were to buy a new tractor, I would go with the R14 tires...

Will probably end up selling my 3PH backhoe at some point...


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Jan 27, 2021
U.P. Michigan

I have R4 tires on my B2910 and in mud they fill up and basically become slicks. I thought the R14 would be a great compromise.

Then I watched a Messicks video featuring R14 tires. And it looks like there is a lot less meat there than R4s, to the extent that my impression was they would wear out quicker than R1 tires (even if wear is not really a concern for the most part, not running on pavement).

So now I am thinking if I were to buy a new L2501 I would probably go with R4 tires. The 15" width might perform better than the 12.4" width R4 tires on my B2910 I suppose. And they just look more robust than the R14s...

Am I misguided in thinking this way?
When I replaced my R4 tires I went with ones that had deeper, and most importantly narrower lugs. The narrower lugs let the mud clear better.