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Nov 21, 2021
Yarker Ontario Canada
i I posted this a while ago and received no answers s posting again. I recently acquired a gray market B6000. I know this by the apparent plate on the top of the transmission which is in Japanese. So far haven't been able to see the serial number, however there is a sticker on the valve cover but it's cover with the same gray paint as the motor.
That being said I have a few issues with mine since I got it. Charging system, steering wheel (somone broke the original and replaced with something else), and now the 4wd. Long story short my steering wheel obviously was broken quite possibly by the guy I bought if from and replaced with something that was barely functional, charging system ifound a wire broken off the ignition switch from the rectifier, I soldered that back on charging system seems to produce a bit more output (still have to do a rectifier/diode check, final issue is the front wheel drive, I'm sort of assuming it was working when I got it. When using it moving some fill I felt something sort of let go then no more from wheel drive the one rear wheel was now spinning/digging in the dirt. Nothing snapped of cracked that I could hear, just sort of like a shear pin in the drive line shared off.
I recently had it up off the ground all wheels in the air put it in gear with the 4wd lever engaged. Right rear wheel spins as have output, but nothing to the front however the pto shaft is turning from the main transmission to the connection at the front diff.I've had the pto shaft from the main transmission disconnected at the front diffferential and the inpiut shaft to the front diff turns freely by hand and nothing happens at the front wheels no noises nothing.
Is there shear pin inside the front diff?
What might shear or break? could the bolts holding the large gear in the differential shear off?
Any info offered from someone who knows these machines a bit better than me would be greatly appreciated.

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Jun 9, 2013
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Ok with these (B6000's) don't assume that because it has a label in Japanese that it's automatically a grey.
There will be a tractor serial number stamped into the housing (not on any plate), usually on the left side, and it will be a 5 digit number possibly following B6000, so B6000-XXXXX or B6000dt-XXXXX, I've seen quite a few variations.
Now as far as what might have happened to the front drive, no shear pins in that set up.
Shearing off the bolts on the ring gear would be very very unlikely.
You need to first look at the ends of the propeller shaft, and make sure they are spinning the input (pinion shaft) in the front diff, if it is then you'll have to tear into the front diff to find out what let loose.
There is no way for us to know what part has failed.