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  • Hi all. New here. Acquired a B6000 with FEL and backhoe. Still learning about the little workhorse. Interested in learning about the charging system, and if the attachments are kubota. Also have found steering won't turn when its cold out, probably transmission oil lubes the lower portion of internal steering gear and probably has condensation in it allowing it to freeze or gel some. hopefully I can find others with more experience and info about this little machine.
    I have a pair of B6000's and also have done a lot of research on them. Is the hydraulic steering an add-on due to the installation of the backhoe? All the B6000's I've seen (a LOT of them) they all have mechanical steering. Maybe an custom add-on? Curious....
    You can find the manuals on this site. Ask your questions, I will take a crack at them.
    Another thing, whenever you get a "New-to-You" tractor the best plan is to do a complete filter and fluids change. The B6000 has two steel mesh filters (Both oils) plus the fuel filter (paper). The air filter is an oil bath type if it's original. The plastic filter bowl is still available from Kubota dealers. The B6000 has a thermosiphon (no pump) cooling system so it's very important to put fresh diesel engine coolant innit.
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