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Aug 29, 2021
I ended up ordering the EA root rake. It’ll take twice as long to come in but I don’t care at this point
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Nov 14, 2019
Eastham, Ma
LA525 is lifting about 1000 lbs max it needs to be a nice light one. EA does a great job of balancing weight with stability. However they require up front paid in full and are at 4 months lead time (I do believe they will refund in full if you cancel a certain amount of time before shipping). I would see what they recommend then find other manufacturers to compare (weight, materials, features). If you dont find anything equivalent and can wait for EA…then do so.

You get what you pay for. Be very careful, some companies are USA based but import in bulk from China. It is often hard to find replacement parts down the road in these scenarios. To cut costs the US company orders 500 grapples in bulk from China….and these may never be produced exactly the same again (Hence the parts issue). Just research to know what you are buying.
I have a grapple that is not an EA grapple, but then, I have a 48HP TLB.
The OP needs to follow the "buy once, cry once" theory.
He should just suck it up, and buy the EA (Hardox) built grapple for his size machine.
For him, there is no better option than the EA grapple.
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Feb 9, 2021
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I ended up ordering the EA root rake. It’ll take twice as long to come in but I don’t care at this point
With the new hose routing, excellent design and top quality materials I don't think you'll ever live to regret it. I've been using the Wicked 60 to dig out a couple of trees, lift and move boulders, move railroad ties and it's excellent. My only possible regret is perhaps not going with the Wicked 66 but then I tell myself that an extra 6" and 250lb wouldn't do me any good other than knowing mine is bigger than yours! 😂