Food Crisis in the USA?


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Oct 2, 2009
Sure ban coal, gas. oil, change to lectric cars,, but do you think wind solar and unicorn farts will give you enough power for your homes, cars and cities? We need to start to take care of family first today, namely AMERICANS,, and the rest of the world maybe tomorrow


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May 27, 2019
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Just to add food for thought, India is predicted to surpass China next year (2023) for being the most populous nation.


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Robert DuChemin an attorney in private practice in Florida says it succinctly.

Robert DuChemin
July 22 at 3:53 AM ·

Fauci Friday
Have you noticed that the same people who are claiming it is “immoral” to leave our descendants a warmer place to live have no problem saddling those same poor bastards with an amount of debt that is impossible to repay? Who will “forgive” our stupid loans?
In 2010 China consumed about 1.5 Billion Tons of coal. Back then all of the Chicken Little scientists were claiming that coal was the primary cause of the impending end of the world. We were already somehow still breathing more than ten years AFTER the UN predicted we would either fry or drown in salt water by the year 2000.
In the following 12 years China would continue to increase its consumption of coal. This year, China will consume more than 4 Billion tons of coal. The entire rest of the world will consume about 4.3 Billion Tons. This week China announced that they will continue to expand coal production through 2035. Coincidentally, that is the year China will have to start reducing its greenhouse gasses under the anti-American Paris Accords. By then they should be up to about 8 billion tons a year. For some strange reason I don’t think they intend to be coal-free by the UN-imposed deadline of 2040.
At the same time, China also announced that they approved an increase in coal-generated electricity by more than 8.63 gigawatts of coal power in the first quarter of this year alone. To give you some perspective, that increase is about 40% of the total amount of coal Australia will burn this year. It is more than the combined total annual production of the top 5 largest USA coal-fired power plants.
Although it was not part of their news conference, the CCP officials would like to thank Joe Biden for reducing the price of coal. Those bribes really are paying off very well.