Different types of spacer question


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Nov 8, 2015
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I had 1 1/2" spacers on my old BX22, however, I never noticed much of a difference since I don't have my slopes on the property that I would transverse with the tractor. I have another pair that I purchased for the BX23S, however, haven't installed them yet. Presently I am doing all my tractor work with turf tires, however, I am going to be doing some york raking project in the next few weeks, so should I put the spacers on for this type of work or will it make no difference? I am also going to be taking the turf tires off and installing a new pair of R4 tires. These tires are not loaded, however the turfs are. For the best traction in dirt, will the unloaded tires work as well as the loaded tires? I have a pair of loaded R4s from my old tractor and a new pair of R4s that are unloaded that I picked up recently. Which ones will work best? thanks


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Jul 13, 2013
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Kubota does not sell R4 tires on 2 wheel drive tractors.... that's because they suck for traction...

I would keep the Turf tires on...

Spacer on flat ground is of no use... loaded tires are better than none loaded.

I'm gonna disagree with that statement - I would ONLY have turf tires .......... IF I AM only cutting grass.

I have turfs on 3 of my machines - any wetness, I mean am any - spin city! I have been on dry ground and have had turfs turn a bit! NOW if you are going to make sharp turns and whatnot - those R4s will tear the grass up.

I have R4's on my BX25D - and yes I have spun the hell out of them - I was pointing down hill and bucket full and even with diffy lock - still spinning, engage front end out I came.

There are those that swear by turfs on snow - tried it once and the tractor would not go up a slight embankment.

AS for the spacers - install them - will you NOT notice on flat ground, but from a safety and tip over stand point - they will help.

NOW - as for loaded - any LOADED tire short of slicks will work better than non loaded - specially when pulling a load.

If you want to use the new R4 - Load them !