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Feb 25, 2021
A Dutchman was explaining the red, white and blue Netherlands flag to an American.

“Our flag is symbolic of our taxes. We see red when talk about them, white when we get our tax bills and blue after we pay them”.

The American nodded,

“It’s the same in the USA, only we also see stars”.
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Apr 27, 2020
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I’ve had that exact experience at a couple of coffee shops. Ask for the largest cup they sell of straight black coffee and then we both look at each other like the other party is the stupid one. Other than one mom & pop shop where they understand that request and have quality stuff, that’s why I mostly buy coffee at gas stations. The straight black coffee at chains like Starbuck’s is only fit to drink if it’s supplemented with milk, caramel, etc.

The one time I was dragged to Starbuck’s with a group recently I ordered a straight double espresso as that it what the others recommended if I wanted black coffee. I got what looked to me like a shot so I drank it accordingly and asked them where the rest of it was. They told me a whole cup would send me into hyperdrive. Told them that was the goal. Then we did the looking at each other silently accusing the other of stupidity thing. One of the ladies in the group said they would have been embarrassed but they’d met me before so it was kind of expected it wouldn’t go well.
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Oct 8, 2019
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A man applied for a job at the post office and was granted an interview. The PO rep asked if he had any health issues such as allergies. He told him "Yes, I am allergic to caffeine so I can't drink coffee." The interviewer looked at his application and said "I see you are a veteran so that get's you 5 extra points. Do you have any service related injuries?" The man replied "Yes, I was wounded by an IED in Iraq and lost both testicles." The interviewer said "Oh, that gets you 5 more points. I see we have enough to hire you now. You can start here tomorrow. Work hours are from 8 AM to 4 pm but you don't need to come in until around 10 AM." The applicant said "Great but if work starts at 8 how come I don't need to come till 10?" The interviewer said "Well, around here everybody just drinks coffee till 9 then sit around scratching their nuts till the mail truck comes in at 10 and since you can't do either there is no reason to come before then anyway."
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